Outdoor Sign Requests

The Lakeview Community Association has an outdoor sign on the corner of Hill Avenue and Montague Street which can be rented to advertise community events. The charge is $20 per week per side.

If you are interested in using the sign, please fill in our contact form below and our Sign Coordinator will contact you shortly.

Please give us some information about your event, including: dates, location and contact information.

Each side of the sign has 4 lines and can hold approximately 17 letters per line.

Note: the outdoor sign will not be changed when the outside temperature is -25 degrees Celsius or lower, due to the potential occupational hazard.

Outdoor Sign Calendar

Dates that are already booked are listed in the calendar below:

The Sign Policy

Not sure if the sign is for you?  Check out our short and sweet sign policy.

The Sign Form

Ready to get on the sign?  Here’s the form: