45 Local Recreational Programs to Keep You Warm This Winter

Last week I talked about the City Program Guide, which lists all the recreational programs run by the City of Regina and city Community Associations.  This week the Leader Post published a 32 page advertising supplement which features a wide array of private recreational activities.  (is that the right word?  Maybe  “non-City’ activities?)  There must be a couple hundred programs listed, but here are  some that are linkable (in the order they’re listed):

Really Good Unclassifiable Programs

Water Sports

Ice Sports

Contact Sports

Fitness and Flexibility

Gymnastics and Gymnasiums

Music Classes

Drama and Dance

Art Classes

Languages, Tutoring and  Adult Education

Sunday Roundup: Skateboards, Soccer and Grandmas!

The Labour Day flyer stack was thicker than ever this week. Let’s see what we can find about Lakeview or Communities this week:

Lakeview Skater Goes to Nationals!

( Sunday Sun ) Congratulations to Lakeview 12 year old Jesse Nichols who was the youngest skateboarder at the recent DG national skateboarder competition in Montreal where he competed against men twice his age. Well done!

In other news, the Sun reports that the new Skate Park in Wascana Centre (which was the source of a heated debate in Lakeview and other neighbourhoods) is doing very well and is an asset to the neighbourhood.  Says one neighbour, “So far, it’s been a good neighbour and we really like how the city and Wascana Centre Authority cleaned up that area.”   The IMAX concession is stocking extra drinks for the skaters, so it appears to be good for business too.

Grandmas Helping Grandmas

In the same Sunday Sun there is a great interview with Bev Greenfield, who is part of Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers,   a national organization of women who help grandmothers in Africa care for their orphaned grandchildren.  The children have been orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic which is sweeping sub-saharan Africa.

The Regina G4G chapter is holding a garage sale on Saturday, September 6 from9-4 at the Cathedral Recreation Centre to raise money to send to Africa.  Please check it out!

Queen City Marathon is Next Sunday

The eighth running of the Queen City Marathon is Sunday, September 7th and a good chunk of the course goes through Lakeview.  They can still use some volunteers and are always looking for fans to cheer the runners on.

The Lakeview section is right at the end of the race, when the runners need all the support they can get.  Come out and clap, cheer, sing and shout!  The Lakeview leg starts at the Les Sherman Park footbridge and continues down Coronation Street, Wascana Street, Kings Road and L’Arche Crescent.  Typically the runners start coming by at around 9:30AM and continue till 11:30 or noon.

Please note:  For the safety of the runners, please park away from the actual race route!

South Zone Newsletter

The South Zone Rec Board is separate from, but affiliated with, the four south Regina community associations, including the LCA.  Their white and blue ‘Community Ties’ newsletter came today and has lots of information about their indoor community soccer program (a more recreational alternative to the Queen City Soccer club), whist programs, table tennis programs and more.

There’s also a page of information about our own LCA programs which will be further enhanced when our newsletter comes out next weekend.

Special Bonus!

I’m pretty sure 91-down in the Sun crossword (page 38) is “Hike”.

Fundraiser Friday: Two talks by Mr. Trudeau and more!

The LCA inbox got a lot of action this week as several local charities and service clubs are putting on some interesting fundraisers.  Fundraisers that YOU need to know about.  Fundraisers that YOU need to attend!  So let’s get to it!

Friends of Regina Public Library present Alexandre Trudeau

The Friends are putting on a luncheon with guest speaker Alexandre Trudeau.  Mr Trudeau is a documentary filmmaker, journalist and speaker who is known for his often controversial coverage of the social, political and economic issues behind some of the world’s major conflicts.

The event is being presented by Friends of Regina Public Library with proceeds going to the Regina Public Library as a tribute to its 100th anniversary.

Wednesday; September 17th
The Conexus Arts Centre
Main Stage
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Tickets are $35 each or $250 for a table of 8
Available at:  Book and Brier Patch; University of Regina Bookstore; Bach and Beyond; Eat Healthy Foods

For more information call  Susan Birley at 790-8528 or email or visit www.friendsofrpl.ca

Big Brothers of Regina 20th Annual Dinner and Auction, featuring Alexandre Trudeau

Big Brothers of Regina is hosting a Dinner, Silent Auction and Live Auction in the evening of the 17th with Alexandre Trudeau as guest speaker.  The theme of Mr. Trudeau’s talk is “Global Challenges and Our Youth.”

Wednesday, September 17th

Conexus Arts Centre

Tickets are $75 or $600 for a table of eight

Go to the Big Brothers website or call 757-3900 to reserve your tickets!

Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail

The annual Jail-N-Bail event is coming up on September 30 and October 1st, but now’s the time to come out and volunteer as a snitch, a jailbird or make a pledge.  Check out the Jail-N-Bail website and get involved!

Big Book Sale!

We’ve received notice that there is a Big Book Sale planned at the Senior’s Centre on College Avenue on Friday September 12 and Saturday the 13th.   The sale is on each day from 10AM-4PM.   The email was a little vague on what the sale was for, but I’ll bet it’s to help the folks at the Senior’s Centre.  Besides, it’s books!  So make sure to check it out!

Photo Credits: shawnson and rachaelvoorhees on Flickr.

August 28: Stay Home and Snuggle Day!

Mrs. Blogger and I were talking last night about how we’ve squeezed every last drop of goodness from summer and it’s time to have the kids spend a wee bit more time away from home, if you know what I mean. Like at school. We can’t afford boarding school, but Athabasca is awfully nice, even if we have to see the kiddies at night.

It’s high time we parents celebrated Back to School, so this Thursday we propose Stay Home and Snuggle Day. Ship the little darlings off to the classroom at 9, then head back home for some quality time together. Who knows, by the afternoon we might even go for a cup of coffee like grown-ups or something.

Those of you with kids at St. Pius — feel free to give this a try on the 27th and let us know how it goes in the comments. The rest of us have an extra day to plan!

Parent’s of kindergarten kids: it gets easier, trust me. Start with a half day this year and work yourselves up to a full day next year.

Stay at Home and Snuggle Day. Kind of catchy, eh? Spread the word and enjoy the day. Program Registration can wait. This day is for you!

Photo Credits: sage and philipstorry on Flickr

Sunday Roundup: Bowling Balls, Soccer Balls and Paint!

Some interesting news that made it into the flyer stack this morning:

Queen City Soccer Registration

There’s a nice four page flyer from Queen City Soccer, which is the Regina Soccer Association club in South Regina.  They offer competitive soccer programs all winter long for kids aged 4-18.  Registration for the 2008/2008 Indoor soccer season is this week — August 27 and 28, from 6:30PM – 8:30PM at the Credit Union Eventplex at Ipsco Place (aka the indoor soccer facility at the Exhibition Grounds.)  If you’re interested, head on over and sign up.  If you’re curious, remember that there is a Tim Hortons right beside the soccer field!

Let’s Go Bowling!

We got a really nice 11×17 yellow flyer from the local bowling leagues.  Did you know that August 25-31 is National Bowling Week?  Now you do!  There are kids leagues, adult leagues, 55+ leagues and daytime Ladie’s leagues.  They don’t have a web site, but if you call the Golden Mile Lanes at 586-2626 they’ll hook you up with a cool shirt and communal shoes.  Spare one up for me!

Athabasca School Community News

Later this afternoon we received a vibrant hot pink flyer from Athabasca School.  They’re all ready to start another excellent school year and welcome a new Principal (Mr. Russ Clarke) and a new Grade 4/5 teacher (Ms. Deana Kempel.)

Athabasca’s first Community Council meeting is Tuesday September 2 at 7PM.  Rumour has it they’ll have cookies, so check it out!

Irish Dancing at St. Luke’s Church!

Alice McDougall sent us an email about a low cost Irish Dance class she’s organizing at St. Luke’s Church on Montague.   We might not be able to get this on the LCA sign in time, but here’s what we’ll be putting there:

CALL ALICE 584 0018
Hope to see you at the Open House!

Graffiti Got You Down?

Has your dumpster or garbage can been tagged?  The City of Regina offers free pale brown paint to remove graffiti from dumpsters and garbage cans.  You can pick some up at the South Leisure Centre.  If you want to know more about what the City’s doing on the graffiti front, call Loreen at 777-7322.

Photo Credit: Conform on Flickr

Have You Seen the City Guide?

The LCA Newsletter is somewhere between our newsletter editor and printer, but in the meantime, there’s some good information in the City of Regina Fall Program Guide. Not only can you find out about all the great LCA programs, but there are one or two other programs in there too (several hundred I’ll bet.) We’ll teach you how to skate, or get you really fit, but if you’d rather cook, dance or knit, I’ll bet you can find a class just for you in the guide.

If there’s a community program you like in there, come register at the LCA Registration Night, no matter which Community Association runs the program. We’ll get your registration to the right people. Cool, eh? Just another nifty volunteer service by your LCA (Have I mentioned lately we need volunteers?)

I read the guide and learned that the LCA is running some Family Fitness programs this year. Cool! I’ll try to get more information about the classes as I learn about them. For now though, I’m off to pick up some workout clothes! Spandex is still ‘in’, right?

Will You Be The Next LCA Volunteer? Please?

While we’re trying to hold onto summer for as long as possible, some of the small but vital LCA crew have been getting geared up for fall. I’ve been plugging along on the web site, getting pages up for all our fall programs (more to come!) and the upcoming registration night, others are winding things up from another excellent spring soccer season, and still others are putting the final touches on our fall newsletter (coming to your mailbox at the end of August!)

I need to admit it though, we’re getting a little nervous. We’ve got some pretty important volunteer positions to renew due to retirements and people moving away. Our #1 need right now is a Treasurer. At this point I’m not sure whether we can even muddle along without one. It’s a really big deal. We’re talking about 5 hours per month commitment — our bank is close by and we’ll help get you started. Contact us if you can help.

If numbers aren’t your thing, how about room design? Talking to people? Writing things? Taking pictures? There’s lots of cool opportunities to meet people and add your talents to the team. Check here for some ideas about our full basket of volunteer opportunities.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

There is some good news coming though! We’re very close to announcing a new Outdoor Sign Coordinator. Yay! Hopefully we’ll announce in the next couple of days and you will soon be entertained and informed when you head off to Lakeview Fine Foods or Mark’s Mini Tune for some chips and gas.