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Sunday Roundup: Where should we take this?

After the initial rush of fall activities it sure is nice to have a calmer, warmer, indian summer style weekend.  It seems like this weekend is the official start of fall yardwork, raking leaves, cleaning up the flower beds and mowing lawns.  With that in mind, here are a couple of dates to help you clean up and get the yard ready for winter.

Dispose of Hazardous Waste Responsibly

We’ve all got those corners of the garage or basement with icky stuff — old solvents, cleaning products, flourescent tubes and the like.  We know we shouldn’t just throw them out, but what should we do with them?

The City of Regina is having a Household Hazardous Waste Day on Saturday, October 4 at the Public Works Yard on Albert Street and 5th Avenue.  Bring your hazardous waste so it can be disposed of properly.

Here’s a list of the gunk they will accept.

Time to Get Mulching!

Hurry up and get your garden beds cleaned up because it’s Tinsel Mulch time on Saturday September 27, from 8AM-2PM, just north of the Regina Transit Building on 333 Winnipeg Street.

I’ve used the mulch, which is made by grinding up all the old Christmas trees from last winter, and it’s pretty good.  Maybe a little too gritty for the vegetable patch but really good around trees, shrubs and perennials.

It’s $10 for a truckload and $5.00 if you fill your own containers.  One note: the City isn’t bagging the mulch anymore! There used to be bagged mulch available for $5.00 per bag, with proceeds going to the volunteers doing the bagging (girl guides?)  Does anyone know why this stopped?  Let us know in the comments!

Reading this via email?  Then you likely don’t see the comment form.  Click here to comment!

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Helping Hands: Welcome to three volunteers!

If you’ve been following these updates at all, you know that we’re actively looking for volunteers to keep the association going strong.  All good organizations go through these transitions, but in our case it’s piling up a bit with several great families moving away.  So we’re extremely pleased to announce three new additions to the Lakeview Community Association team.

  • Amy Mader is a young and energetic and really knows her arithmetic, and has agreed to join the LCA as treasurer.  She’s already turning heads with her rapid-fire ciphering and amazing change-making ability at Registration Night.  The role of treasurer is a pretty big deal and we’re really glad Amy’s joined the team.
  • Marci Brisbourne has joined us again!  After many years as our Learn to Skate coordinator, Marci and a friend have taken over the Outdoor Sign on Hill Avenue and Montague Street.  Marci is already taking bookings and getting new messages on the sign board every 7-10 days.  We’ve got a spiffy new sign booking form on the site if you’ve got a community event that needs some promotion.
  • When Dorothy Fitzer isn’t running marathons, she’s coordinating of daytime activities out of St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Montague Street.   There’s exercise classes, line dancing and table tennis running during the week so grab a couple loonies, wax up your paddle and head on over!

With Amy, Marci and Dorothy helping out, it looks like we’ll be able to limp through the fall sessions, but we’re still in desperate need of a few more volunteers, especially on the LCA executive.   Our chairperson, newsletter editor and overall program coordinator have all moved away — not just away from Lakeview but Regina altogether.  If you can spare an hour a week, or an hour a month, we can put it to good use and help the entire community.  Please drop us a line!

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Not-Quite Sunday Roundup: Lots and Lots of Green, and a Little Blue

Riders Lose, Gas Prices Rise, and No Sunday Roundup? What’s going on?

What a strange weekend. Mrs Blogger and I went up to Waskesiu for the MS Bike Tour and all heck broke loose. We blew the September gasoline budget driving home then arrived to a mailbox full of flyers but no Sunday Sun. So this week we’re depending on my email inbox for news — but there’s a lot in there to talk about.

Men’s Cancer Forum

Hey guys — word is that there’s more to preventing cancer than eating broccoli and not smoking. The Canadian Cancer Society is hosting a Men’s Cancer Forum on September 19 at the Hotel Saskatchewan. It’s $15.00 and includes a broccoli free meal.

Guest speakers include urologist Dr. Kishore Visvanathan and Rider coach Ron Estay. Whether you are dealing with cancer or looking to prevent cancer, come out and learn something.

No really. It’s time we learned more about cancer. Go to this, fellas!

The Green Home Show

Buddy Mike over in Cathedral invited me to the Green Home Show [link is to the Facebook group] on September 22 at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre. There’s a bit more detail on the unfortunately acronymed CACA website.

The CACA is sponsoring The Green Home Show – an open house crossed with a trade fair where you’ll get to sample the various options available when setting out to shrink your home’s ecological footprint.

The Green Home Show will be held Monday, September 22 at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre between 7 and 9 pm. Admission is free.

The focus will be on clearing away the confusion around how you make your home a more environmentally sound place and giving you clear advice on what steps you should take to that end. You will meet experts on green construction methods, xeriscaping and composting, and there will be displays on bicycle commuting, alternative transportation, organic foods and a whole lot more.

Refreshments will be available. There will be a silent auction for many eco items – rain barrel, dual flush toilet, organic gardening supplies, eco-magazine subscriptions, and more !!

For more information or if you want to help out, call 757-9849 or email

I’ll be there. Hope you are too!

More Green: Project Porchlight

While walking through the Scarth Street Mall today I stumbled across the public launch of a new initiative called Project Porchlight. It’s a national movement that is sponsored in Saskatchewan by SaskPower.

Regular folk are encouraged to pick up free CFL lightbulbs and give them to their neighbours. Each bulb will save $40 in energy costs over its lifetime, which adds up quickly!

The Porchlight folk are looking for local organizers to pull together volunteer crews to do a city block, an apartment building, or a whole neighbourhood. Interested? Why not add your name in the comments and we’ll get an ad-hoc Green Crew together!

Art Gallery of Regina Gala

We received a very tasty poster from the Art Gallery of Regina (in the Neil Balkwill Centre, which is oh so close to Lakeview) promoting their annual gala on November 1st which is being held at the gallery. The gala features the culinary creations of Regina’s best chefs, sous chefs and pastry chefs (oh my!) and the musical stylings of the Rick Harris Jazz Trio, featuring Lakeview’s own Rick Harris! There is also a silent auction featuring Saskatchewan artists, jewelers and designers.

Only $25.00 per ticket if you get them in advance. And you can get tickets by calling 522-5940.

Fighting the Blues — Regina Folk Festival Concert Series

If you’re still suffering from withdrawl after another wildly successful Regina Folk Festival , you can recover a little bit by checking out Ron Sexsmith at the Exchange on October 1st.

Closest tix to Lakeview are at Bird Films, and they are also available at Vintage Vinyl and SCES. Other concerts in the series are Alex Cuba (Yay!) on October 17th and Carolyn Mark (Oh my goodness she’s good!) on November 14.

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Sunday Roundup: Flashing Red Lights and the LCA Newsletter!

My flyer delivery guy is back from summer vacation, which means flyer service is intermittent at our house.  We cancelled the Leader Post several years back but still end up on the ‘no flyer’ list.  Oh well — the Sun arrived so there’s a bit to report…

Queen City Marathon Wrap Up

Did you all get out to watch the marathon today? Great fun! I always get a kick out of watching people I know run by, although it still hasn’t inspired me to run a single kilometer, let alone 42.

Congratulations to Lakeview residents Grant Van Eaton and Jennifer Taylor for adding another 42km to their running resumes.  We also heard young Lakeviewvian Jesse Van Eaton completed the 3km race for kids.  Well done!

Were there other Lakeview folk in the race today?  I’ll bet there were. Give them a shout out in the comments!

The LCA Newsletter has Arrived!

There it is!  Five nice tight green pages nestled between the London Drugs and PGX vitamin flyer — the Fall 2008 LCA Newsletter.  Honestly, the majority of the program information is the same as came out in the South Zone newsletter last week, but we wanted to make sure the word got out to the 3,275 households who aren’t coming to the website yet that we’re meeting Monday, registration night is Tuesday, and we really need some help.

But you know all that, because you are faithful website subscribers!  So why haven’t you called?

Stop Already!  Or it Will Cost You.  Might Kill Me Too.

After we got buzzed by another car at the Regina Avenue & Coronation Street crosswalk, I was intrigued to read the “Ask the Police” column in the Sun.

The question was whether, when a driver approaches those flashing red lights and there’s no pedestrian in sight, or the pedestrian has cleared the roadway, does the driver still need to stop?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES!  STOP! You have to come to a complete, absolute, sitting still STOP!

Now if you stop, and the pedestrian has cleared the roadway, you can proceed from your stopped position. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Failure to stop is worth a $230 fine, so please. Just. Stop.

Better Yet, Take the Bus.  For Free!

If you are a student or academic type, or work at Research Park, be sure to check out the new Express Routes to the University of Regina and SIAST.  Regina Transit is offering free fares on the express routes all this week (September 8-12)  So step on up!

Headline of the Week: “It’s time to think about potatoes”

May as well think of potatoes.  Whenever I think about this election my hives start flaring up.

Check out Winona Senner’s article on page 30 of the Sun to find out why she’s having trouble sleeping.

Bonus for Reading to the End

Ready?  113 across is  “Canasta”

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LCA Weekend Edition: Films, Fundraisers and a Race

Queen City Marathon is Sunday!

One last reminder before I head outside to start chalking up the street — the Queen City Marathon comes through Lakeview on Sunday morning.   Pour a coffee, head outside and cheer on the runners!

Home Economics For Living Fundraiser

The Regina Home Economics for Living  Project (HELP) is an extremely useful and worthwhile organization.  They help people who are struggling to get by, by teaching basic cooking, shopping and home management skills.  They are holding a fundraiser dinner at Melrose Place on Wednesday September 10 at 6PM.  Tickets are available from Carol Brouhers, the interim Executive Director. 347-7877.

Davin Home Tour

Ever wonder what some of those big old homes in the Crescents looked like on the inside?  Now you can find out!  Davin School is organizing home tours as a fundraiser on Saturday, September 13.  Contact Cheryl Rego at for ticket information, or head over to Crocus and Ivy on Hill Avenue.

Community Forum on Healthy Communities, Sustainable Transportation

With gas prices spiraling out of control, the fine folks who organize Transport 2000 are more needed than ever.  They are holding a Community Forum on Prairie Rail and Healthy Communities on Saturday, September 13, 2:30PM at Knox Metropolitan Church, 2340 Victoria Avenue.

Rod Haugerud, mayor of Craik will speak.  Mr. Haugerud is part of a company working to buy the rail line between Davidson and Regina as a step towards freight and passenger service between Regina and Saskatoon.

Dan Beveridge will lead a workshop on “Climate Change and Sustainable Transportation: Problems and Possibilities”

If you get there early, check out the Transport 2000 Annual General Meeting at 2:00PM.

For more information, contact Catherine at 569-7699

Films by Alexandre Trudeau at the RPL Film Theatre

In preparation for two talks by Alexandre Trudeau on September 17 (for the Regina Public Library and Big Brothers), the Friends of Regina Public Library are pleased to present the FILMS of Alexandre Sacha Trudeau on Monday Sept 8th, at 7 pm, at the RPL Film Theatre. Admission is free.

The RPL Film Theatre will show two of his films, Embedded in Iraq and The Fence.

In 2003 Mr. Trudeau slipped into Baghdad shortly before U.S.- led invasion. For six weeks during the bombing campaign he lived with an Iraqi family to tell the story from their perspective. This culminated in the 60-minute documentary film for the CTV program W5, Embedded in Iraq. From there he continued to produce films about controversial topics, including The Fence (2004) a documentary that shed light on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where he spent a summer with families on opposing sides of the Israeli security barrier in the West Bank.

Photo Credits: shawnson and rachaelvoorhees.

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The Next LCA Meeting is September 8

Summer is officially over with the start of Meeting Season!  Some school councils have already kicked things off, and the LCA starts our year in earnest next week!

LCA Meeting

Tuesday, September 8, 2008 at 7:00PM

Lakeview School Library

Call James at (306) 464-2121 or drop us a note for more information.

Let’s kick off the new LCA year with a great meeting.

Come see what we’re up to.

Share your ideas.

Everyone is welcome.

Join in the fun!

Photo Credit: lambdachialpha on Flickr

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September 9: City Wide Community Program Registration

If you are interested in signing up for ANY Community Association program, whether run by Lakeview or any other community association, you only need to come to one place.  Our place!

Lakeview Community Association

City Wide Program Registration Night

Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Athabasca School Lunch Room

Princess Drive and Coronation Street

Tables will be set up for all Lakeview programs.  There will also be a ‘City Wide’ table where you can register for programs from other community associations.

Please keep in mind that it’s time to renew your community membership!  Each membership is $5 and covers your household for one year.  Memberships will be available at the registration night.

See you there!

Photo credit:  Proggie on Flickr