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Supervisors Needed for Outdoor Skating Rink

This is one of those posts where we really need your help — please spread the word at school, at work and with your neighbours!  If you subscribe by email, please forward it on!

City crews will be starting to flood outdoor ice rinks over the next few weeks, with the hope of outdoor skating starting for real on December 15.  We need your help to find shack supervisors for the public rink on McCallum Avenue and Montague Street, next to Lakeview United Church.

Each year, the LCA finds shack supervisors for two outdoor rinks, but this year we’re having trouble finding supervisors for the McCallum and Montague rink.  The City will not allow the shack to be unlocked without a supervisor in place, so without supervisors there won’t be a spot for kids and families to warm up during their time outdoors.  This is a real shame since the McCallum rink gets used a lot over the winter season, with lots of kids, teens, adults and families using the rink and warming up in the shack.

You can help us out by either volunteering to supervise the shack for a shift or two, or get a group of people together to take on a week, a block of weeks, or the entire 10 week season, from December 15 – February 20.   The shifts we’re looking to fill are:

  • Weekday evenings from 6PM – 9PM
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2PM – 5PM
  • Saturday and Sunday evenings from 7PM – 9PM
  • Supervisors are not required on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
  • Supervisors are also not required when the temperature is too warm (above +5C) or too cold (wind chill below -25C)

This could make a good individual or group fundraiser, since the City provides a grant for supervisors and the LCA tops it up to make up to $2000 available for the season.  So if your organization, team or school group is interested in taking on the duties, and raising some money, please let us know.

In the past, we’ve recruited people to take on the full 10 weeks and would still prefer that, but are willing to break this up to fit your schedule.   If you’re interested or would like more information, please call Mark at 522-1592 or email at

The rinks and heated shacks are great places to get outside, have fun, and enjoy the winter while not completely freezing solid.  Please come out and help or at least spread the word around your block and at your school!

ps.  Did you know there is a second rink in Lakeview with a warmup shack?  The leisure rink at 3355 Robinson street doesn’t have boards for hockey, but is a great place to go skating too.  We’ve got a supervisor in place for the Robinson Street rink so the shack should be open starting December 15.

Photo by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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OK fellas — time to get the gear checked out

Friend of Lakeview Kelly sent me an email this week about a great seminar for all the guys who should be getting their “equipment” examined on a regular basis but aren’t getting it done.

The Canadian Cancer Society and SunLife Financial are presenting a seminar by Dr. Anne Katz called “Equipment Check for Men:  the Lighter Side.  Know your parts and protect yourself from cancer.”   It’s being held over lunch on Thursday, November 27 from 11:30AM – 1PM at Salon 2, Queensbury Centre. Admission is $5 and includes lunch.

The upbeat and lively presentation is about a serious issue — many kinds of cancer are treatable with regular screening and early detection.  So get a crew together and come out to hear Dr. Katz on Thursday.

Be sure to register in advance by calling 790-5822 or dropping by booth 561 at Agribition!

Photo by The Doctor Is In

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Outdoor Hockey League Registration is Monday!

Registration for the WPCA Outdoor Hockey League is Monday, November 17 at 7PM at the Balfour Arena meeting room (70 Massey Road.)  The program is run by the Whitmore Park Community Association and is open to kids of all abilities aged 6-12.

The league runs from mid December to the end of February and is an extremely affordable $40.

For more information, call Patrick at 584-1218 or by email

The Outdoor Hockey League is very popular and I’m super thrilled to finally know who’s running it!  We get at least 4 inquiries per year from graduates of our Mini Mite hockey program, looking for more information about the league.  Luckily I ran into Patrick last week (at the rink of course) and discovered that he’s running the program.  Patrick’s an awesome guy — if your child is interested in giving hockey a try, here’s a great way to get started without a huge time and money commitment!

Photo by GP (MPK)

School News

Sheldon Area Tournament Brings Kids Together

Grade 7 and 8 students from all over Lakeview and area descended on the Sheldon Williams Collegiate gym this past Thursday for the Sheldon feeder school tournament. The tournament had an interesting format in new teams were formed with kids from all the schools. It was a great way for the students to meet someone new. For the grade 8 students, it was also a nice way to get used to the idea that they’ll all be headed to the same high school next year.

High energy, great fun, good sportsmanship and lots of noise. A great way to spend a cool November afternoon!

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It’s called Normandy Heights for a Reason!

I was fortunate to attend the Athabasca School Remembrance Day assembly last week. It was great to see the honour and respect the young students showed veteran in attendance, and how they were moved by the stories of war and sacrifice.

The ceremony reminded me how tightly connected this neighbourhood is to the military in general and World War II in particular. Most of the houses in the Normandy Heights neighbourhood were built right after WWII — in fact, many of the homes are called ‘wartime homes’ and were built for returning soldiers. Of course the name “Normandy Heights” reflects the huge role Canadian soldiers played on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day.

In Lakeview, we still have some WWII veterans living in the homes they built in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Mr. and Mrs. Arndt are into their eighties and are still active in the community with Boy Scouts and the new Community Gardens. While he has recently retired from the LCA, Mr. Jones is still very active in the community with the airport authority and veterans groups, and played a large role in the new war memorial on the Legislative grounds.

Whether you honour our veterans at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, at the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Agridome, with your family or just walking around Normandy Heights, I hope you are able to take a moment to reflect on the incredibly positive impact our veterans have made on our community. Not just during wartime, but for decades after.

More pictures from the Athabasca ceremony are on Flickr. If you’ve got some photos to share from your school, drop a link in the comments!

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Who Cares About Harbour Landing?

I still remember the Open Houses in 2007 about the new development in southwest Regina called Harbour Landing. The developers and the City planneres used pictures of Lakeview, especially the Hill Avenue mall, to reflect the type of neighbourhood they wanted to build. Walkable and liveable and with a nice town centre, just like we have in Lakeview. It sounded wonderful — a new neighbourhood I might actually want to live in.

So what happened? I’m not really sure. I know that once approval was given, the “concept plan” has been continually amended, to the point that the map looks a lot like every other suburban subdivision we have in Regina. Wide, curving streets that only head to wider roads. No town centre, just a ring of commercial space along the Lewvan and the airport. Sigh.

These days my interest in the new subdivision is restricted to traffic flow on the Lewvan (it’s harder to ride my bike to #1 highway these with all the construction), but there are more changes to Harbour Landing in the works:

  • The developers are asking to amend the concept plan again.  Slightly smaller parks, less high density housing and a wee bit more commercial space.  City Council is considering the changes on November 17.  If you care about Harbour Landing, you have until November 13 to put a submission in to City Council.
  • It appears the City will “entering into a front end servicing agreement with Dundee Developments and related long term debt financing” and will pass a new bylaw to make this happen.   Details of the bylaw won’t be available until November 14, and the bylaw will be considered on November 17, so if you care, better plan to spend next weekend reading over the bylaw.

Clearly, City Planning isn’t our strong suit.  We like where we live and can’t figure out why new neighbourhoods aren’t designed like our neighbourhood.  If it’s YOUR strong suit, drop us a line in the comments.  We’d love to get more insight into Harbour Landing and new suburbia in general.  If YOU CARE about the Harbour Landing development, sign up to be our Harbour Landing correspondent!