LCA Website: Six Month Status Report


It’s been close to six months since we launched the new and improved Lakeview Community Association web site. Since then we’ve slowly struggled to figure out the best ways to use the site to help Lakeview residents.  We tried a lot of different things — some worked well, others didn’t, but after 6 months and 45 posts I think we’re starting to figure things out.  You might be interested in what we’ve learned:

Site visits are growing slowly

 I don’t have exact numbers since I just changed the way we track this type of thing, but we are growing quite steadily month over month.  50 new visitors a month is a big deal for us compared to our old, out of date site.

One way to get more site visits is to get at the top of search engine rankings.  So when people search for “Lakeview Community” or “Regina Learn to Skate” our website is at the top of the list.  That’s starting to happen more and more.  For example, we are the number one result in the world for “Indoor Power Cycling.”   That’s pretty cool. 

Email inquiries are growing quickly

The number of email inquiries we receive is growing every week.  Many of you are using the contact us page to ask questions about programs, book the outdoor sign or let us know about what’s happening in the community.  That’s great to see since it’s exactly why we redesigned the site.   Please keep emailing! We try to respond quickly, often on the same day and for sure by the next day.

Subscribers are growing slowly (but we can fix that!)  

As you’ve likely noticed, this is not your traditional web site.  Our aim is to give our readers a place where they can stay on top of everything happening in the neighbourhood.  And we’ve designed the site to make it very easy for people to get updates.   

How many times have you been asked to “keep checking the website for updates”?  Frustrating, isn’t it?  Who has time to remember to check for game changes and for more game changes and for planning changes?  

Not me.  I might remember once a month, if that.  That’s why we built a handy subscription feature into this site.

Just enter your email address to subscribe and you’ll get a single email update at 9PM each evening that the LCA site has more content.   It’s a regularl email too — you can forward it to your friends, talk about it, and even reply to the email and give us some feedback.  

So over the coming months we’re going to work hard at growing our subscriber base.  If our job is to spread the word, then our subscriber numbers is one of the best measures of whether we’re achieving this goal.

Our Current Subscribers ROCK!

Right now out subscriber base is pretty small — 27 people last time I checked — but those subscribers are what I like to call ‘sneezers.’  They’re the type of people who also have 150 friends on an email list and love to tell their friends about what’s going on.  So the word is spreading.

One of the best examples of this is our campaign to get outdoor ice shack supervisors this year.  Our website campaign spread across Lakeview very quickly and more people volunteered than we needed (we’re going to find other ways for them to help in the future!)   

So to our current subscribers — Thank You!  Please keep spreading the word.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a subscriber — why not?  It’s free and easy.  Just click here to subscribe now!


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RU Smarter than a Deshaye School Student? Find Out Thursday!


Good friend of Lakeview Kelly Pierson sent me an email today letting me know that there are still tickets available for the “R U Smarter than a Deshaye K-8th Grader”  event tomorrow night (Thursday January 29) at 6:30PM at Miller High School.  

Come see a bevy of local celebrities duke it out with the best Deshaye has to offer.  Buy some baked goods and bid on silent auction items while you’re at it!  

It’s all for a good cause — helping the parent council support the teachers and enrich the education of the students.  And enriched education is a Good Thing!

Happy Family Literacy Day!


This coming Tuesday, January 27, is Family Literacy Day which promotes the importance of reading and learning together as a family all year round.  

Every year on January 27 families, schools, libraries and community groups across Canada organize events to promote reading and literacy.  The parents and teachers at Athabasca School take it a bit further every year, holding their annual Reading Week event.  All week long the school is abuzz with guest authors, celebrities and performers working in the classroom and with small groups to explore the wide range of activities that depend on literacy.

This year, events include a Poetry Slam on Monday night and the annual Books For Breakfast event on Thursday morning.   The Athabasca Reading Week is one of the major highlights of the school year and is eagerly anticipated by the students and staff.

But don’t wait for your school to pull something together, or even for your child to be school aged!  According to the ABC Canada website, children who are 2 or 3 years of age and are read to several times per day do significantly better in kindergarten.  So head to the library, check out some books and read to your child!

A Question For You:  What are you doing to celebrate Family Literacy Day this year?  Let us know in the comments!

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Register Now for Regina Lazer Softball


Even though there is still several feet of snow on the ground, the Regina Lazers Softball Club is taking registrations for the summer season.  

The Lazers zone is Zone 1 of the Regina Minor Softball Association and they offer a fun Learn to Play program for boys and girls age 5-10 as well as a competitive girls program for ages 11-19.  

Arlene Slimmon, Registrar for the club, sent me an email which mentioned that their registrations are actually due by the end of February, so it’s never too late to sign up.  All the registration forms and contact information is available on their website at so head on over and check it out!

Photo by rbatina

Chess Club Brings A Classic Game to Youth


Lakeview resident and volunteer extraordinare Lauri Lintott is part of a group who has been working with the Saskatchewan Scholastic Chess Association to establish a city wide youth chess club in Regina.  And now it’s here!

The Regina Youth Chess Club meets every Sunday from 1:30PM – 3PM at the University of Regina (Riddel Hall Cafeteria.)  The club is open to kids of all ages up to Grade 12 and cost to join the club is an affordable $5 per year — which covers the SSCA membership.  

Kids are asked to bring their own chess boards if they have one, but it’s not required.  

For more information, please call Lauri at 924-5881, or check out this cool poster.

Lauri also pointed me to a cool kids chess blog which has information about chess events all over the province.  Well worth checking out.

The winter session started January 18, so gather up your chess board and head over to the University this Sunday!


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LCA Fitness Classes Get Results!


If you are reading this post, I know that you are a loving, caring person who cares deeply about your neighbourhood and the people in it.  You want the best for your family and your community.    But are you taking the time to care for yourself as well?

Do you find yourself a little short of breath when you rush off to your PTA meeting?  Are you a wee bit uncomfortable in those jeans while watching your child’s hockey game?  Or maybe you’re  mite bloated after finishing off the shortbread (to wash the container of course)?  Well, LCA winter fitness classes might just be what you need to start feeling good again!

Our certified fitness instructor Rhonda is once again offering two classes on Wednesday nights at Lakeview School.  The Boxercise class helps you get fit while doing more punching, kicking and skipping rope than a Chuck Norris infomercial.  The Core and Strength Training class uses light weights to help you dig deep and find your long lost abs, biceps and triceps.

Due to popular demand from the fall participants, we’re extending the winter classes to eight (8) weeks, so you’ll be able to stay fit right through the end of winter.

The classes are a lot of fun and they vary to meet your specific pace.  I attended the fall boxercise session with my wife and daughter (11) and it was a great time.   My daughter improved her strength and endurance for hockey and now I  DOMINATE at Wii boxing!

We’ll be there in the winter.  Come join us!

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New Years Resolution: Get Smarter, Help Schools


Part of the fun of celebrating a New Year is making resolutions. As I get older, it’s almost time to resolve to exercise my brain from time to time. Volunteering for the LCA does wonders for keeping the mind sharp, but I can still use an extra boost from time to time.

That’s why I was excited to learn about an event put on by the kids at Deshaye Catholic School. These young whippersnappers have thrown down the gauntlet and are challenging adults to a think-off and raising money at the same time!

R U Smarter than a Deshaye Catholic Student

Thursday, January 29th @ 7 p.m.

Miller High School

They’ve got the panel set to battle with the students.  Local celebrities like Gail Bowen, Carol Gay Bell, Jill Morgan, Greg Morgan, Mike Maurer, Mayor Pat Fiacco, Marty Klyne, Teale Orban, Police Chief Troy Hagen and a Saskatchewan Roughrider Surprise Guest will be participating.

Tickets to watch this monumental clash between the text-ers and the slide rules are only $15.00 for a family or $5 for an individual.  I think that means a 4 person family gets a deal, but I’m not sure.  5 gozinta 15, right?

You can get your tickets by emailing

I don’t think the grownups will stand much of a chance against the well drilled recruits from Deshaye, but don’t take my word for it.  Come out and watch!  I’ll bet you can do much better sitting in the audience anyway.  Yep.  Sure you can. …  What was the question again?

Gillicious took the big picture; The Wide Wide World the thumbnail.