We’re Getting a New School! We’re Getting a New School!

Residents of Regina’s Lakeview neighbourhood will be embarking on an exciting journey this spring, as they work to design a school for the future in our older neighbourhood. It’s part of Regina Public Schools’ 10 year renewal plan, which will renovate, refresh and combine several schools around the city over the next decade.


This is an amazing story of urban renewal taking place right in our neigbourhood.  It will affect half of the children currently in elementary school, but the biggest impacts are to the youngest children, and those children still to come.  They need to be part of the journey!  Please forward this story or a link to the Lakeview Community Association website to all the new parents, expecting parents, or future parents in the neighbourhood — they need to be part of the discussion!

Residents of Regina’s Lakeview neighbourhood are embarking on an exciting journey this spring, as they work to design a school for the future in our older neighbourhood.   It’s part of Regina Public Schools‘  10 year renewal plan, which will renovate, refresh and combine several schools around the city over the next decade.

At a meeting to kick off the planning process on February 11th, parents and community members from the three public schools in Lakeview — Athabasca School, Argyle School, and Lakeview School — got the low down on a vision for investment in our community unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime:  the replacement of two 50+ year old schools with a school designed around the needs of 21st century children.  Attendees received an overview on the range of future education needs, various ways children learn, and how the needs of tomorrow are different from the schools of the past.  They also discussed how modern school design can support these new learning requirements and be flexible to adapt to more changes in the future.

The presentation was led by Randy Fielding of Fielding Nair International, an internationally renowned architecture and design firm who specialize in building schools for the new Creative Age.  Fielding Nair have been involved in over 200 school renovations and new school designs in 26 countries, from Nunavut to Tasmania to Regina, most recently with Regina’s North Central Shared Facility.

The stories and designs shared by Mr. Fielding were amazing to behold.  In school after school on every continent, Mr. Fielding explained how adjusting room sizes, combining private and public spaces and integrating indoors and outdoors (even in cold climates!) could enhance the education of children of all ages.  From large k-12 facilities in Indonesia, to remodeled schools in Minneapolis, to new learning centres in Rhode Island, attendees saw an overwhelming range of possibilities.

The meeting kicked off the next phase of a renewal process that has been going on for 3 years already.  This phase gets down to business — visioning sessions for a new facility in March, potential site plans in June, final decisions in October, then construction, with a planned Grand Opening in September 2012.  

The current RPS Renewal Plan calls for Athabasca School and Argyle School to combine around a new or renovated facility.  At the February 11 meeting, school board administrators stated that while facilities reviews are still underway, it’s looking like neither structure will support the level of renovation that is expected, which means a new school would be built.

Lakeview School is not officially included in this stage of the renewal plan (the school will be reviewed toward the end of the 10 year plan) but many current Lakeview parents attended the meeting.  Given the open boundary policy employed by RPS, it’s unclear how many students in the Lakeview School ‘serving area’ might rather attend a new, modern school once it is built.

Over the coming month, all community members are encouraged to get informed about and involved with this exciting new project.   We have the opportunity to build a school that will be the envy of all Regina, that can be a huge attraction for existing residents and new families looking to locate in Regina.  Let’s leave a lasting legacy for the next generation of students!

Photos are from Fielding Nair International.  The main picture is of a community design session for the new North Central Shared Facility in Regina.  The headline is a conceptual design of a small school in Rhode Island.

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Caring Volunteers Groom Local Ski Trail


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to correspond with Janet Lee, one of the true Friends of Lakeview. For a great many years, Janet, Ron Bleshinger and Steve Wihak have been grooming cross country ski trails in Kinsmen Park South.

It’s one of those great community services that we’re all glad happens, but never really know how or why it happens. I remember when we first started talking to local residents about the problems in the park during the summer months, or when we were getting feedback about new playground equipment, we kept hearing about these kind anonymous souls who groomed the trails all winter with their own equipment. But we didn’t know who these folks were.

Last year, when we met with the City to discuss expanding the network of bike trails through the neighbourhood, including Kinsmen Park South, we finally got to meet Janet and Ron to learn the story of what they do and why they do it. We also heard that they had been working with the City to make sure the new bike paths and the ski trails could co-exist.

This year, we learned that they have now formed an official group, called, quite rightly, Kinsmen Park Ski Trail and are fundraising for the purchase of a new snowmobile to assist in the snow grooming.   We’re helping out by supporting them so they can apply for a matching grant from the City and telling everyone we know about them.  

If you ski, or want to ski, or just feel good about people using the park in the winter, why not donate to the Kinsmen Park Ski Trail?  They’ll take every $20 or $40 they can get!  You can send your donations to:


Kinsmen Park Ski Trail

3627 Allen Ave

Regina, Sk.

S4S 1A1

Janet also sent me a little article on ski trail etiquette, which is of use for skiers, dog walkers and all park users.  Please check it out!

Photo is of the actual trail in Kinsmen Park South, courtesy of the volunteer ski trail groomers.


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Spring Soccer Information is Updated


Just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated the LCA spring soccer page with all the new dates, new pricing, and new registration night information.    Our first registration night is only a month away on March 10.

We call it ‘Spring Soccer’ because that’s when the kids play.  But from the point of view of our volunteer soccer coordinator, it’s a year long event.  Linda Thauberger and her counterparts in the other community associations  have been working hard all through the winter to put together another outstanding soccer season for our kids. 

Please help her out!   We’re looking for coaches, referees, equipment folks and other helpers.  More information is on our spring soccer information  page, but if you’re ready to pitch in now, let Linda know by emailing her now.

Repost – Important Community Meeting on Public Schools, February 11


This is a repost from earlier this week, since it got buried at the bottom of several posts for all the email subscribers, and might have been missed.  For those of you who saw it the first time, my apologies for the duplication!

Since the first post, I’ve seen an agenda for the meeting and it’s really focused on having the community learn about futture trends in education modes, innovative facility models and design patterns, but also it’s about having the community share their hopes and fears around new facility designs.  So if you are even the least bit passionate about public education in Lakeview this is a session worth attending!


Well that’s as informative a headline as I can write. Here’s a meeting that should be of interest to everyone in the Lakeview community who have an interest in public education.

The Regina Public School Board is inviting everyone who is involved with Argyle, Athabasca and Lakeview schools to participate in the planning of a redesigned school facility in the neighbourhood. You can have a say about what your neighbourhood and school community will look like in the future.

Here’s the details:

Come and See what great education can look like!

Wednesday, February 11
7PM – 9PM

Regina Public Schools
1600 4th Avenue (park in the back)
Ron Mitchell Room

The meeting will be led by Fielding Nair International, internationally renowned school designers and architects. I had the opportunity to see one of their presentations last June and was very impressed by their ideas around how school design can enhance the way children learn in the 21st century.

If you need more information, please call your local public school directly.  That’s Athabasca (791-8544), Argyle (791-8536) and Lakeview (791-8513)

This process is really important to those of you who have kids in school now or will in the future, as well as those of you who use school facilities for community work. Please make every effort to attend!

PS.  Here’s a photo credit worthy of the main post.  The photo  above is from the Fielding Nair International website.  It’s an actual planning session for a school in Minnesota. The photoset includes the actual facility the group designed.   Their website is fantastic and well worth checking out!

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Volunteers Needed for Community Income Tax Program


I received a letter from Laverne Stevenson of the Canada Revenue Agency last week and let me tell you, was I scared!

Then I actually read the letter and felt much better.

It turns out that Laverne is the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program Coordinator.  For 37 years, the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program has helped people who struggle with income tax preparation.  

There are several training sessions in February if you are able to help out.  Please call Laverne directly at (306) 780-7908 or email at laverne.stevenson@cra-grc.gc.ca if you can help.

The training session are listed below — but please call to reserve a spot!

Experienced / Returning Volunteers

Saturday February 7, 9AM – 4PM at St. James United Church on Sherwood Drive.

Monday February 23, 9AM – 4PM at the Alvin Hamilton Building, downtown at 1783 Hamilton Street.

Wednesday February 25, 9AM -4PM at the Alvin Hamilton Building

Friday February 27, 9AM – 4PM at the Alvin Hamilton Building

New Volunteers

Thursday February 26, 9AM – 4PM at the Alvin Hamilton Building

Friday, February 27, 9AM – 4PM at the Alvin Hamilton Building

Saturday, February 28, 9AM -4PM at St. James United Church on Sherwood Drive.


All volunteers are asked to sign up for efile service as it will make things go easier.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Wanna Sing and Dance this Summer? Join Saskatchewan Express


If you’re 15 years of age or over, love singing and dancing and want to travel this summer, Saskatchewan Express might be for you.  They’re holding auditions for the 2009 summer tour on February 7 and 8.  

I assume the auditions are held at the Saskatchewan Express building on Pasqua Street and 15th Avenue, which is about as close as you can get to Lakeview without actually being in it.  So if you’re interested, polish up your dancing shoes and contact Brittany at 522-3405 or via email.

As they say, “Spend your summer improving your performing skills, travelling the province and meeting new people and seeing new places!”

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Got Singing Chops? Here’s Your Chance!


The Regina Symphony Orchestra is helping fill the void left behind by the end of Canadian Idol and doing some fundraising at the same time.  The RSO Singing Star competition is your chance to strut your stuff in front of an audience and win a chance to perform on the big stage accompanied by the entire Regina Symphony Orchestra!

Auditions will be held at Centre Court of the Cornwall Centre in Regina on Saturday February 7.  You need to register for auditions no later than 4PM Thursday, February 5.  Go to the RSO website for registration information.   There is a fee to audition, but admission is free to view the auditions at the Cornwall Centre .

Successful singers will compete in front of a live audience at the Finale on Thursday March 12 at the Casino Regina Show Lounge.  Tickets are available from the RSO to watch the finale.

So come on you shower singers – show us your chops and sign up!

Cat got your tongue?  Then go watch the finale.  Call 791-6395 for ticket information.

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Photos by  magandafille and TigerPuppala