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Seed Exchange: Plant Something Old This Year!

One of the big concerns for gardeners is the decline in genetic diversity in our plant seeds.  As plant breeders continue to strive for greater yields and vegetable ‘transportability’, there becomes fewer and fewer plant varieties.  

Many gardeners keep the old varieties alive by saving seeds from year to year.  While the yield may not be as large as the big names, the taste and texture is often far superior to the factory farm equivalents.

In the spirit of keeping the old seed varieties alive, the Regina Ecoliving group is holding a seed exchange seminar and seed sway on Saturday March 28, from 12PM – 2PM at the Regina Public Library Film Theatre.  Come and learn about why seed swaps happen, and pick up something old for your garden!

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Say Goodbye to Winter with a Free Skate!


It’s time.  I know it and you know it.  It’s time for this long, cold winter to end and for thoughts to turn to spring pursuits.  Join us in banishing winter to the dark recesses of our collective memories with a free public skate.

The annual LCA Winter Family Day is a free skate at the Optimist Arena next Saturday, March 28, from 6PM-7PM.   If you’ve been skating all winter, come show us what you can do.  If you haven’t been skating, come out so you can say “Yeah, I skate every winter.”  We’ll be cooking up some hot dogs to keep your insides warm as your toes get cold for the last time.

Once more, with centering:

LCA Winter Family Skate

Saturday March 28

6:00PM – 7:00PM

Optimist Arena (Sunset Drive)

Admission is Free!

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Photo by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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Dates Set for Public School Redesign


As we mentioned before, this new public school will have the largest impact to the youngest children in our community, and those children still to come.  They need to be part of the journey!  Please forward this story or a link to the Lakeview Community Association website to all the new parents, expecting parents, or future parents in the neighbourhood — they need to be part of the discussion!

The dates have been set for the next three meetings to design a new public school in the greater Lakeview community.   As we reported a couple weeks back, Regina Public Schools is combining Argyle and Athabasca schools and building a new school in the neighbourhood.  The  dates for the next three sessions have been made public.  Now’s the time to tell all your neighbours and be part of the design process!

Site Visioning

This is an interactive workshop where everyone can share their vision for a new school.  What do we want to see? What do we want to avoid?

Friday, March 27, 2009

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Athabasca School Gym

Site Opportunities and Concept Design Presentation

This meeting will have the architects share concept designs based on our input from the Visioning meeting and their experience designing new schools in Canada and around the world.  We get to give more feedback based on the concepts that are presented.

Tuesday June 2, 2009

7:00PM – 8:30PM

Argyle School Gym

Conceptual Design Presentation

This presentation starts getting more concrete.  School site designs are presented specifically for the existing Athabasca and Argyle sites (or additional sites if some come up) and advantages and disadvantages described.  After this meeting the final recommendations and decisions will be made by the school board.

Wednesday October 14, 2009

7:00PM – 8:30PM

Athabasca  School Gym


It’s so very important that if you have young children, or care about public schools, or care about community development, or care about attracting young parents to the community, that you attend these sessions and share your ideas!  Let’s fill the gyms with people and ideas and build something that will last for decades to come!


Photos are from Fielding Nair International.  The main picture is of a community design session for the new North Central Shared Facility in Regina.  The headline is a conceptual design of a small school in Rhode Island.

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Tar Sands Debate Coming to Regina

I don’t know anything about how Tar Sands work other than there is oil in the sand, but based on several emails I’ve received there is a debate around Tar Sands development.   Large source of oil vs. the environmental impact of focusing on oil extraction.

A number of local groups are coordinating a province wide set of nine debates between Dr. Carolyn Preston (debating for Tar Sands development) and Andrew Nikiforuk (debating against increased development without national targets for renewable energy.)  

The Regina debate will be held this Thursday, March 19 from 7PM – 9PM at the University of Regina, Education Auditorium.  Admission is free but donations are accepted.  For more information contact Don Narine at 527-4566.

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Time for Spring Garden Planning


We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Grow Regina around their community garden project in Macleod Park on Queen Street.  The garden opened in 2008 and their gearing up for another excellent growing season.  It may still be too snowy to get into a plot, but they you can reserve your garden plot today.

Grow Regina has published their Grow Regina spring newsletter which, among other things, has instructions for starting seeds and getting your garden ready for planting.  It’s an entertaining and colourful read — please check it out.

Mrs. Louise Arndt is a passionate gardener and has been a big booster for bringing a community garden in Lakeview since at least 2002.  She keeps us up to date with how the garden is progressing at our monthly meetings and we really appreciate that.  Last month, Mrs. Arndt told us of plans to establish a permanent orchard in the garden.  Anyone can plant a tree or perennial shrub and get great fruit year after year.  Many fruit trees need neighbours to cross pollinate, so this is an example of how working together benefits everyone!

Photo Credit:  This is a sample of the excellent photos from the Grow Regina photo gallery.  If the garden looked this good after one season, imagine how great it will look this year!

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Cancer Crew Needs Canvassers


The Canvasser

We got an email from Patrick Moore this week, about the upcoming Walk and Knock for Cancer campaign which is happening April 20-27. They are short several canvassers in the Lakeview area this year and are looking for volunteers to help them out.

These type of door to door appeals are a very effective way to raise money for Cancer research. Cancer touches every family in some way — if you can spare a few hours in April please contact Patrick at

As they like to say, together, we can make cancer history.

Photo credit:  The One True b!X

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LCA Executive Meeting Postponed to March 16

Sorry for the short notice here but we are moving the next LCA Exec meeting one week, to March 16. We’re having trouble achieving quorum tonight due to some planned absences and some unplanned absences (well, me.)

We rarely get visitors to the meeting, so of course I’m sure there were 10 of you who were planning to come tonight! That’s the way it always works, it seems. I hope you can make in on the 16th instead.

Note also that our first Soccer Registration night is ON tomorrow, Tuesday March 10 from 7-8 at Athabasca School.

By the way, if you DO want to come visit us, please let us know by emailing Patti, LCA Secretary, at That way we can make sure we have enough chairs!