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Help a Local Student Help Others in Africa


Second year U of R student Jeffrey Myers is a true Friend of Lakeview.  He’s a graduate of the LCA Community Soccer program and has been one of the Myers’s who hauls the soccer nets to and from the Kinsmen Park shack for years now.  In fact, Jeffrey has been hauling nets since before he was as tall as the nets.  That’s a very long time indeed.

This summer, Jeffrey is taking his love of sports and his love of helping others to a whole other level.  He’s heading to Zimbabwe, Africa for a month long volunteer stint at the Far and Wide camp.  Far and Wide is an outdoor adventure camp in Zimbabwe that is focused on developing leadership skills in local children and adults.

How you can help

Jeffrey wants to bring something to give to the children he works with and meets in Zimbabwe and decided on soccer gear and the gift to bring.  He’s hoping to ship a cargo box of soccer balls and air pumps to the camp before he flys out July 17.  So, he’s spreading the word far and wide — If you have any spare soccer balls or pumps, or any other spare soccer gear to donate to the cause, please let Jeffrey know.

We’v got a few extra balls at LCA HQ which we’re sending to Jeffrey — if you have an extra ball or two in your basement or shed (whether it’s an old LCA ball or not) and want to support the cause, please call Jeffrey at 531-6377 or via email

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Stock Up On Summer Reading: Library Book Sale


It’s a week late to help with this current rainy day, but there might be a couple more during the summer (hopefully on Tuesdays after a gloriously sunny long weekend.)   So there’s still a good reason to check out Regina Public Library’s summer book sale.

The sale is on Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27, starting at 9:30AM each day at George Bothwell Library in the Southland Mall.

The most expensive book is $1.00 and they have a special “Fill a Book Bag for $10” promo for those of you who like Bulk Buys.  Better than Costco!

PS – There!  I kept my promise about finding something fun to do Saturday…

Graphic credit:  Regina Public Library

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The Community Garden Grand Opening – TUESDAY June 23rd

I know many of you get the LCA emails and immediately plan your week, so I wanted to let you know about a typo in yesterday’s post.   The Yara-Grow Regina Community Garden grand opening is at 10:30AM on Tuesday June 23rd.

June 23rd lands on a Tuesday this year, not on Saturday as I erroneously reported.  Sorry about that.  Go there Tuesday, especially if you want to see the Mayor and have some refreshments.

If I have any excuse, other than just raw carelessness, it’s that when I think of community gardens, every day is a Saturday to me.  But that’s no way to schedule an event.  It’s likely the worst way to schedule an event, come to think of it.

If you like looking at vegetables (and I certainly do) then I suppose you could go any day, or everyday.  But if you only go one day, go Tuesday June 23rd at 10:30AM.  That’s really the best time.

PS – if I find something fun for all of us to do on Saturday, June 27 (the REAL Saturday), I’ll let you know.

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Lose some sandals? We might have them.

OK, so this is a new topic for us, but I got an email that a nice person found a pair of kids Keen Sandals in Kinsmen Park South last week.  She was nice enough to look us up and send the email, so I’ll pass the message along.

If you know of a child who lost a pair of blue Keen sandals, fire off an email to and get reunited.

If you’re able to take a picture of the reunion, send it our way and we’ll let the community know too.

If you can take a video and play ‘Reunited’ by Lionel Ritchie in the background, then you’ll become and official Friend of Lakeview!

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Community Garden Opening Celebration is June 23!


We received a nice email from Karen Watkins at Grow Regina about the official opening of the Yara-Grow Regina Community Garden, which is coming up on Tuesday, June 23rd at the new garden at 3500 Queen Street.

An official ceremony will be held at 10:30AM with Mayor Pat Fiacco, Andrew Swenson from Yara and Wayne Hellquist, CEO of the Regina and District Food Bank.   There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, tour of the gardens and refreshments.

Mrs. Louise Arendt has been keeping us up to date with the local garden project for the past couple years now as the site has been selected and prepared.  If you haven’t been to the gardens, now’s the time to check it out.  They’ve got a beautiful site for growing flowers and vegetables and they are also planning a permanent fruit tree orchard.

The garden project is quickly turning into a real community asset and is making a lot of people very happy.  Please stop by on Tuesday and see what the buzz is about!

Photo Credit:  On the Commons

It’s a great picture, but we really need to get some local photographers involved in this site.  Don’t you agree?  email to get involved!