A “Pedestrians Only” City Square


I must say that I was quite happy with city council’s decision to keep the newly built city square vehicle free. One might say I was everjoyed. Tickled pink, even. According to the city’s website, council voted last night to keep the square vehicle free, at least until “a study of downtown traffic can be completed next spring.” The idea of allowing vehicles to pass through the new city square plaza seems to defeat the purpose of having a city square. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cobblestone roads with decorative lights buildt into them if they are just going to be trampled over and damaged by cars? Futhermore, the city square is supposed to be an area for the public to gather and listen to live music or speeches. How is this supposed to be done when Hyundais and f-150s are in the way? The city is on the right page with the idea of the square being pedestrians only. Some of the many benefits city hall points out are :

· Full-time access for events and activities

· All of the space can be used, instead of a part.

· Less conflict between motorists and pedestrians

· Less damage from vehicles to the plaza itself

I hope the city will decide in June to keep the square vehicle-free. The city square should be a place for citizens, not their vehicles.


photo cred: Prairie Dog Magazine