Lakeview Park Revitalization Project

The Lakeview Community Association (LCA) is in the process of making some new additions to Lakeview Park (on the corner of Montague St. and McCallum Ave).  We hope to make it a place where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can safely gather, play, move around, relax and enjoy some time outdoors all year round.

In the fall of 2017, LCA administered a survey to community groups and residents to help determine what was valued in the park and also what updates people wanted to see. We had over 220 people participate in the survey, formed a steering committee of volunteers to work with the City of Regina, and developed a proposed concept plan based on community input.

Click on the following Link to view the concept plan: Lakeview Park Concept Plan_FINAL

The City of Regina then opened an online survey for the public to fill out to provide feedback on the proposed concept plan. These are the survey results:

180 responses:

  • 79% support the playground upgrade
  • 71% support the walking trail
  • 66% support the naturalized area, interior planting, site furniture
  • 64% support the modular pump track
  • 59% support the raised planter boxes and fruit trees
  • 55% support the outdoor boarded rink upgrade

People ranked each feature in order of importance. The results for most important to lease important include:

  1. Playground upgrade
  2. Modular pump track
  3. Walking trail
  4. Naturalized area, interior planting, site furniture
  5. Outdoor boarded rink upgrade
  6. Raised planter boxes and fruit trees

The phases for the park include:

Phase 1: Tree planting around ball diamond (Complete)

Phase 2: Playground upgrade – Preschool-focused, accessible (Complete)

Thank you so much to all of our funders who helped make this possible! Funding for the playground provided by:

Special Thanks to all the community volunteers who made this possible, Mark’s Mini-Tune, Food Donations to feed our volunteers made possible by: Red Swan, Subway, McDonald’s and Western Pizza on S. Albert St.; Houston Pizza (Hill Ave.); and Bravo Tango Advertising.

Playground Concept Plan
Installation now complete!

Phase 3: Pump track and pathway (Summer 2021)

So far we have received $92,000 from the Co-op Community Spaces grant.

For more see:

If you know of any other funding opportunities to help make this pump track possible, please let us know!

Phase 4: Interior planting, Naturalized area, Site furniture

Phase 5: Outdoor Rink

Phase 6: Raised planters & Fruit trees        

If you would like to help out with any phase of the park development or funding, please CONTACT US.      

Diagram of Lakeview Park Location:

Lakeview Park

Image of Lakeview Park:

Lakeview Park Picture

Image credit here

Lakeview Park 2

[Old Playground] Image credit here