We are always looking for community volunteers! Either to help out with certain projects or events or to be on our board.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people, socialize, learn new skills, add to your resume, to give back, and have a say in your own community, so why not volunteer with us today!

We are currently looking to mentor people into these 3 volunteer board member roles:

  • Program Coordinator
    • Yearly tasks include:
      • Attending monthly LCA board meetings when able.
      • Working with the other LCA board members.
      • Planning programming to offer through LCA.
      • Working closely with LCA treasurer to decide on programs fees.
      • Booking facility space for LCA programs.
      • Submitting program schedule for the City of Regina Leisure Guide.
      • Communicating with and signing contracts with program instructors.
      • Communicating with community members interested in LCA programs.
      • Monitoring and responding to emails in a timely manner.
      • Helping to plan and coordinate program registrations.
      • Putting together a brief yearly report summarizing how programs went for the year.
      • Helping to update LCA webpage and social media with new program info.
    • Qualifications:
      • must be good with written and verbal communications with community members, instructors and city staff;
      • must be good with email – and be able to regularly monitor and answer emails in a timely manner;
      • must be good at meeting deadlines for submitting program schedules, applying for facility spaces, etc.;
      • an asset to be good with technology to update website with program info;
      • proficient using programs like Microsoft word, excel and google drive;
      • ability to work well with others.
  • Treasurer
    • Planning, monitoring and managing LCA’s yearly budget. For details, contact us.
  • Lakeview Sign Coordinator
    • Receive sign requests via the LCA website – the inquiries will be delivered electronically as you will have access to the lcasign email address
      • If not acceptable, advise inquirer (e.g. no personal, no business messages; permitted are non-profit events, community events, registrations for sporting events, child care, etc.)
      • If acceptable:
        1. confirm dates requested
        2. confirm message – 4 lines, 17 spaces per line (count letters plus the spaces between lines)
        3. confirm the side of sign – north or south.  $20 per side per week
        4.  enter data on LCA website calendar, and on a personal spreadsheet
        5. there are 2 boxes of letters, set out the message ahead of time; sometimes there are an insufficient number of numbers of letters – we made some out of paper.
        6. install message which runs Sunday to Saturday. There are a key and 2 poles (to hold up the sign cover) which one must take to have access to the sign.   In the event of inclement weather (-30 and windy, etc.), advise tenant that message will not be installed, be delayed. Also in the winter take a can of WD40 as the locks are usually frozen. Some messages run for more than one week.
        7. invoice tenant electronically (format available) with a cc to the Treasurer.

For all positions, person will be mentored into the role and lots of support from other board members.

If interested in learning more, please contact lcaprograms306@gmail.com

If you’re interested in volunteering with the LCA as a board member or in any other way please contact us!