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It’s been a busy week at LCA Command Central.  We put the final touches on our newsletter and have that off to the printer.  It should be in your mailbox within a week or so.  We’re also getting things in order for our first meeting of the new year in September.  Hard to believe it’s less than a month away.

The LCA email inbox was humming this week as well.  It seems that all of you are getting geared up for the fall too.  We received several emails about programs you all are working on — we put as many as we could in the LCA newsletter, and we’re going to mention them on the website as well.  Consider putting them on your activity calendar too!

Learn Irish Dancing at St. Luke’s Church

Laura Buckley runs the Regina Blakey School of Irish Dance at St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Argyle Road, and they are gearing up for their fall session.  The school is new to Regina (their first classes began in January 2009) but they are part of a national organization of Irish Dance Schools.

They are accepting registrations for 2009-2010, so head over to their website to get more information.

Design Your Own Yard:  The Basics

Ingrid Thiessen is helping the folks at Grace Mennonite Church pay for their recent renovations by offering a landscape design class.  Ingrid holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree and has been working in Saskatchewan for nearly 25 years, so I suspect she knows all about the challenges of Regina gumbo!

Class dates are still being planned out, depending on the state of the church renovations, but they are hoping to run th class over four weeks from late September through October.  Cost is $80 and you can register by calling the church office at (306) 584-2555

It’s a great opportunity for new homeowners or people who are just looking for a change with their yard and garden.  Get trained up in October, plan all winter and book the bobcat for late April!

YMCA Youth Exchanges:  Time to Apply

Zoe Rezac sent us an email promoting their youth exchange program.  It’s a reciprocal exchange program for youth ages 12-17, with a focus on community engagement (with a focus like that, how could we refuse?)

The exchanges are between groups of youth in various regions in Canada.  It’s a chance to learn about a different region — if you’ve travelled at all, you know that Canada is a large and varied country!  I was pleased to learn that the YMCA and Canada Heritage cover the cost of transportation, so this is an exchange program that’s accessible to all youth.

Registration deadlines are coming up quick — applications must be received by September 30 in order to travel between January and July next year.  So check out the exchange website or call Zoe at 780-429-5734 for more information.

Prairie Artists Guild Fall Shows

It’s not really a program, but we did get advance notice of a series of Prairie Artist Guild events on October 16-18.

Their annual show is on October 16-18 at the West Harvest Inn with a special ‘Meet the Artists’ night on the 16th.

On the evening of Saturday, October 17, they are also having a special event called ‘Take a Trip Through France with Us:  Feast for the Eyes’ at 2420 Elphinstone Street (that’s either the Neil Balkwill Centre or the Senior’s Centre next door, they didn’t say.) [Update: this is actually a Art Gallery of Regina fundraiser.  Full disclosure on how I messed this up is here.]

More information should be available on the Prairie Artists Guild website closer to the event.

Regina Little Theatre Gala Cabaret Fundraiser

Sometimes we do things, sometimes we watch things, and sometimes we eat things so that we can watch things later.   This is an ‘eating and watching’ event.

Regina Little Theatre is holding a fundraiser on September 11 and 12.  It’s dinner and a show — not sure what dinner contains but the show is ‘Love Letters’ by A.R. Gurney.  Tickets are only $35 and can be purchased from the Regina Little Theatre website or by calling 779-2277

Photo Credit:  Shira Golding

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