Assiniboine Avenue Ice Rink: On the Move?




Here’s one of the more interesting items we’ll get to discuss at our next LCA Executive Meeting on Monday February 9. 

We received an email from Loreen Anderson (our hard working City Community Consultant) which said the City was approached by a Lakeview resident about moving the passive skating rink on Assiniboine Avenue to Kinsmen Park South. 

I don’t have any more detail than that, other than the City is open to the idea and there would be a warm-up shack at the new rink.  If the LCA is happy with the idea, we could start planning the new rink in the spring.  

So, is the LCA happy with the new idea?  I have no idea.   It’s unlikely anyone on the current executive has a firm thought on this item. 

It would be really nice if we got some good old community feedback on this one.  Do you use the Assiniboine rink?  Do you use Kinsmen Park South in the winter?  Do you skate?  Then let us know what you think about this idea.  If you feel strongly positive about the move, or heck, if you’re the Lakeview resident who thought of this idea, drop us a line and you can lead the project!

What does ‘drop us a line’ mean?

There are lots of ways to let us know your views.  

  1. head over to the LCA Contact Page, enter ‘rink move idea’ in the subject line and send us an email.
  2. just send us an email! will work as fine as any.
  3. If you’re on the website, just keep reading down the page until  you see the Comment Form and leave a comment!

PS.  If you’re the type of person who gets upset that ‘Nobody Tells Me Anything’, why not sign up for LCA Updates?  Just click the link, enter your email address and you’ll never miss a thing!

Photo by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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