August 28: Stay Home and Snuggle Day!


Mrs. Blogger and I were talking last night about how we’ve squeezed every last drop of goodness from summer and it’s time to have the kids spend a wee bit more time away from home, if you know what I mean. Like at school. We can’t afford boarding school, but Athabasca is awfully nice, even if we have to see the kiddies at night.

It’s high time we parents celebrated Back to School, so this Thursday we propose Stay Home and Snuggle Day. Ship the little darlings off to the classroom at 9, then head back home for some quality time together. Who knows, by the afternoon we might even go for a cup of coffee like grown-ups or something.

Those of you with kids at St. Pius — feel free to give this a try on the 27th and let us know how it goes in the comments. The rest of us have an extra day to plan!

Parent’s of kindergarten kids: it gets easier, trust me. Start with a half day this year and work yourselves up to a full day next year.

Stay at Home and Snuggle Day. Kind of catchy, eh? Spread the word and enjoy the day. Program Registration can wait. This day is for you!

Photo Credits: sage and philipstorry on Flickr

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