Discover the Works of Bob Boyer, Now Online

In 2008 the Mackenzie Art Gallery had a wonderful exhibition of the works of Bob Boyer. As the folks at the Mackenzie say:

Bob Boyer: His Life’s Work, [is] the first major retrospective of Bob Boyer (1968-2004), a nationally and internationally renowned artist, art historian, curator
and educator. Boyer’s influence is far-reaching and interwoven among the communities of art, education and culture. The exhibition is a celebration of the art, life and critical contribution of this influential artist.

We really liked the exhibit. It was our first exposure to contemporary aboriginal art and it was powerful and moving.

Now the cool bit: The Mackenzie Art Gallery has partnered up with Heritage Canada to view the exhibit online. You can view 60 of his works in great detail and learn more about the artist’s life and work.

The virtual exhibit is free, but is only available for a limited time. Don’t wait! Drop what you’re doing and head to the Bob Boyer virutal exhibit (or the MacKenzie Art Gallery website) to check it out.

Photo via the Mackenzie Art Gallery’s flickr stream. I’m working on getting permission to use the photo with attribution, but may end up taking this down. I hope the link is enough though.

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