Building on a Dream


June 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2010

Lumsden Beach Camp needs a new staff cabin and they are looking for volunteers to help build it!  Check out their website at for more information as well as the humorous backstory leading up to this 3 day build!
There are many ways you can help out.   Here are some ideas as to what they need:

Volunteers to work at the build.  

 Volunteers are required to pre-reigister.  They need volunteers of every kind – from skilled professionals, such as dry wallers and electricians, to anyone with just 1/2 a day to spare!   If you are interested in volunteering please visit their website and complete the volunteer registration form.  If you have questions please call Janet Robinson at 352-6617 or 

Donations of baking.  

 They need muffins, puffed wheat cake, rice krispie cake, cookies and frozen unbaked pies. Please email to arrange a drop off.


 Of course, they need help to pay for the new building.  Every donation, big or small, helps
Here’s what your donation can buy.

$25 – Doorknob

$40 – 10 feet of siding
$55 – Locking doorknob
$75 – Door
$100 – 100 sq ft of shingles

$350 — Window 

If you are able to help out in any way, please mark your cheques 3-Day Build and mail them to LBC, Box 27116, Regina, SK S4R 8R8 or check out their website to donate securely online. 


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