Caring Volunteers Groom Local Ski Trail


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to correspond with Janet Lee, one of the true Friends of Lakeview. For a great many years, Janet, Ron Bleshinger and Steve Wihak have been grooming cross country ski trails in Kinsmen Park South.

It’s one of those great community services that we’re all glad happens, but never really know how or why it happens. I remember when we first started talking to local residents about the problems in the park during the summer months, or when we were getting feedback about new playground equipment, we kept hearing about these kind anonymous souls who groomed the trails all winter with their own equipment. But we didn’t know who these folks were.

Last year, when we met with the City to discuss expanding the network of bike trails through the neighbourhood, including Kinsmen Park South, we finally got to meet Janet and Ron to learn the story of what they do and why they do it. We also heard that they had been working with the City to make sure the new bike paths and the ski trails could co-exist.

This year, we learned that they have now formed an official group, called, quite rightly, Kinsmen Park Ski Trail and are fundraising for the purchase of a new snowmobile to assist in the snow grooming.   We’re helping out by supporting them so they can apply for a matching grant from the City and telling everyone we know about them.  

If you ski, or want to ski, or just feel good about people using the park in the winter, why not donate to the Kinsmen Park Ski Trail?  They’ll take every $20 or $40 they can get!  You can send your donations to:


Kinsmen Park Ski Trail

3627 Allen Ave

Regina, Sk.

S4S 1A1

Janet also sent me a little article on ski trail etiquette, which is of use for skiers, dog walkers and all park users.  Please check it out!

Photo is of the actual trail in Kinsmen Park South, courtesy of the volunteer ski trail groomers.


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