A fundraiser in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers Campaign

DATE: Sunday October 27, 2013, 2:00 to 4:15 p.m. (check-in from 1:15-2:00 p.m.)

LOCATION: All Saints Anglican Church Parish Hall, 142 Massey Road, Regina

Ours is no ordinary SCRABBLE tournament. We’re modifying conventional rules, encouraging both individual and team participation. We’re not looking for great SCRABBLE players; we’re looking for great people to play SCRABBLE! To register, please contact Bev at 306347-0819,, then collect pledges and come out to play a friendly game of Scrabble, earn prizes, enjoy refreshments and an afternoon of fun, all for a good cause.

Scrabble Poster 2013

Lakeview’s Best Businesses

      The Newly Renovated River Heights Mall at the Corner of Regina Ave and Montague St.

As a person who is tired of big box stores and chains clogging up the retail sector of this wonderful city, I am a big advocate of the small business. We are fortunate in Lakeview to have a number of awesome small businesses which offer a wide enough variety that one can find almost all they need without having to leave the neighbourood. Here are some of the businesses that are my favourite:

1)Lakeview Fine Foods

3404 Hill Avenue


This is probably the last small grocery store you will find in this city. While it is not as big or as fancy as the newly renovated Safeway Stores, this place is good as it has everything you need in about the same amount of shelving that Wal-Mart has reserved  for party hats. The people are super friendly, and actually know where things are located when you ask. For a fee, Lakeview fine foods will even select and deliver your groceries, right to your door! Just try and name one other grocery store in town that does that. You can’t, because they are the only ones that do so.

2) The Chimney Restaurant and Lounge

2710 Montague Street


The Chimney is probably one of my favorite local restaurants. The menu is typical of Regina Greek restaurants, Souvlaki, steak, seafood, pizza, etc., but you get so much food! Dinner meals come with soup, salad and garlic toast, followed by the gigantic main course. The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing and the service is exceptional. The lounge is on the other side of the restaurant and is a good place to meet with friends and relax over a beer or three. The Chimney in my opinion trumps Lakeview’s other greek restaurant, Houston Pizza  in terms of atmosphere, food quality and service.

3) River Heights Drycleaners

2750 Montague Street


Okay so I will admit that I am a tad biased towards this place, as I was employed there for most of my high school career, but this store is great. The prices are reasonable and the clothes are always ready to be picked up in a timely manner. Vern, the owner, is a great guy who likes a good conversation and will actually remember your name. They also are a Sears catalogue sales merchant and  rent carpet cleaners. Awesome!

4) John’s Barber Shop

The Basement of the River Heights Mall


For those of you who have lived in Lakeview for a long period of time you will probably recall Ivan, the barber in the basement of the River Heights mall. Well, Ivan retired this past year and John was his replacement. John is a friendly, charismatic individual and one hell of a good barber. As he tells me every time I go there to get my hair cut he will “cut all styles.” John is also probably the most reasonably priced barber in town. Where else can you get your hair cut for under $20? Another plus about John is that he will give you an old-timey shave! Barbers like John are definitely becoming more and more of a rarity as more and more of them are retiring and forcing us guys to have to go fancy salons and pay $30 for the exact same haircut.

5) Kuntz’s Automotive

3435 Hill Avenue


When I was a teenager I drove a crappy car. It broke down sometimes. Actually it broke down quite often. And when it broke down, I could always trust the guys at Kuntz’s to give it the quickest fix at the most reasonable price. The guys at Kuntz’s do everything from installing a new mirror to  doing complete engine rebuilds.

6)Orange Boot Bakery

 3904 Gordon Road


     Technically this business is in Albert Park, but the owners live in Lakeview and it is still relatively close by so I will recommend it. The Orange boot bakery, believe it or not, actually started when Mark and Cindy Dyck (who are both former LCA exec’s) started baking delicious bread in a brick oven in their back yard. Mark and Cindy started selling the bread to friends, and eventually it became so popular they had to stop the backyard business and set up plans to open up a store. A while later, Mark and Cindy were back, this time in a store on Gordon Road. The bread is just as good as when it was baked in their backyard oven, and they now offer amazing other bakery items such as cookies and muffins. Definitely check this place out if you haven’t already.

So, the next time you require require a service, try one of these amazing small businesses instead of heading out to a gigantic box store. You will probably be happy that you did.

Got Singing Chops? Here’s Your Chance!


The Regina Symphony Orchestra is helping fill the void left behind by the end of Canadian Idol and doing some fundraising at the same time.  The RSO Singing Star competition is your chance to strut your stuff in front of an audience and win a chance to perform on the big stage accompanied by the entire Regina Symphony Orchestra!

Auditions will be held at Centre Court of the Cornwall Centre in Regina on Saturday February 7.  You need to register for auditions no later than 4PM Thursday, February 5.  Go to the RSO website for registration information.   There is a fee to audition, but admission is free to view the auditions at the Cornwall Centre .

Successful singers will compete in front of a live audience at the Finale on Thursday March 12 at the Casino Regina Show Lounge.  Tickets are available from the RSO to watch the finale.

So come on you shower singers – show us your chops and sign up!

Cat got your tongue?  Then go watch the finale.  Call 791-6395 for ticket information.

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Photos by  magandafille and TigerPuppala

August 28: Stay Home and Snuggle Day!

Mrs. Blogger and I were talking last night about how we’ve squeezed every last drop of goodness from summer and it’s time to have the kids spend a wee bit more time away from home, if you know what I mean. Like at school. We can’t afford boarding school, but Athabasca is awfully nice, even if we have to see the kiddies at night.

It’s high time we parents celebrated Back to School, so this Thursday we propose Stay Home and Snuggle Day. Ship the little darlings off to the classroom at 9, then head back home for some quality time together. Who knows, by the afternoon we might even go for a cup of coffee like grown-ups or something.

Those of you with kids at St. Pius — feel free to give this a try on the 27th and let us know how it goes in the comments. The rest of us have an extra day to plan!

Parent’s of kindergarten kids: it gets easier, trust me. Start with a half day this year and work yourselves up to a full day next year.

Stay at Home and Snuggle Day. Kind of catchy, eh? Spread the word and enjoy the day. Program Registration can wait. This day is for you!

Photo Credits: sage and philipstorry on Flickr

Summer Fun: Blink and You Miss It

There’s always more to do around here than time to do it — whether it’s getting the lawn mowed, or the garden weeded or maybe even checking out a festival or two.

One of the great things we want to do with the new website is post up information about what’s going on in the area so you don’t miss a thing.   Unless you want to, of course.   It’s taking a while to get the timing right but we’re just gonna start and see where we end up.  Either way, posting this up means I get out of weeding, so it’s all good!

Dragon Boats!  Already?

OK, I was sure this happened over Labour Day, but the annual Dragon Boat festival is going on right now in Wascana Park.  That’s Saturday August 23rd.  We’re not sure why it’s early but it is.  They’re kind of hiding this year, with races taking place over on the Broad Street side of Wascana Park and concessions and kids activities tucked in beside the Marina.  But it’s a nice day so get out there and cheer!

Big Stuff, Little Stuff, Cheap Stuff.  Garage Sales!!

It looks like the folks on 2800-2900 block Queen Street got organized and are having a block long garage sale!  Lots of kids clothes, art, odds, sods, bric and brac.   Don’t even try to resist the urge — go check it out!

[UPDATE: It must’ve been a good sale, because they’re having a block party tonight. Rock on!]

Mozart?  You mean Leonard Mozart from Strasbourg, right?

I think the reason the Dragon Boats are tucked around the corner this year is there are some HUGE tents getting set up by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  It’s all for Mozart in the Meadow, put on by the Regina Symphony Orchestra which runs Sunday in Wascana Park.  Get your Classical Groove on tomorrow!

Photo Credits:  madbaker66 on Flickr (that’s me!)