Chess Club Brings A Classic Game to Youth


Lakeview resident and volunteer extraordinare Lauri Lintott is part of a group who has been working with the Saskatchewan Scholastic Chess Association to establish a city wide youth chess club in Regina.  And now it’s here!

The Regina Youth Chess Club meets every Sunday from 1:30PM – 3PM at the University of Regina (Riddel Hall Cafeteria.)  The club is open to kids of all ages up to Grade 12 and cost to join the club is an affordable $5 per year — which covers the SSCA membership.  

Kids are asked to bring their own chess boards if they have one, but it’s not required.  

For more information, please call Lauri at 924-5881, or check out this cool poster.

Lauri also pointed me to a cool kids chess blog which has information about chess events all over the province.  Well worth checking out.

The winter session started January 18, so gather up your chess board and head over to the University this Sunday!


Photo by gabork

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