Coming Soon- New Posts (Really, I Promise!)

As you have probably noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I could list off many excuses as to why that is, but the honest truth is just that I have been busy with school. Also, I coordinate the outdoor soccer program and that takes up a large chunk of time that I could be using towards writing new posts. Its not that there is no community news. In fact, there’s plenty! I have a few good ‘posts in the making’ that I have started, and will finish- just as soon as finals are over (Really! I promise!). Here are a few posts that you can stay tuned for:

-Why having a community garden plot is awesome and everyone in the city should probably have one

– The city of Regina is proposing to close both of the tennis courts in Lakeview, and something should probably be done about that.

-What the heck is going on with that huge chunk of property formerly known as Athabasca school?

-Information about our upcoming Family Fun Day

-The LCA needs more programs, and more volunteers.

– and probably much more!

Also, if anyone has anything they feel is newsworthy community information, please do not hesitate to email me