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Active Positions (2017-2018)


Chairperson:  Robert Hawkins     306.789.2888     Email

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer:  Mary Vetter    Email

Program Coordinator:  Chelsea Brown Email

Special Park Project Coordinator: Aimee Penner-Mayoh     Email

Newsletter Coordinator:  Jessica Tiefenbach     306.502.0241     Email

South Zone Rec Board Rep: Lily Tingly     306.584.2504     Email

Outdoor Sign:  Shannon Johnstone (request sign listings here)

Outdoor Soccer Representative: Vacant

City Liaison:
Loreen Anderson (306) 777-7322 is our City Liaison and does an excellent job helping us weave through the civic bureaucracy.

Grow Regina Liaison: Louise Arndt

Vacant Positions

  • Secretary
  • Outdoor Soccer Representative


theparidigmshifter took this photo.  We like it a lot!