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Active Positions (2015-16)


Chairperson:  Robert Hawkins     306.789.2888     Email

Secretary: Aimee Penner-Mayoh     Email

Treasurer:  Mary Vetter     Email

Program Coordinator:  Chelsea Brown Email

Newsletter Coordinator:  Jessica Tiefenbach     306.502.0241     Email

South Zone Rec Board Rep: Lily Tingly     306.584.2504     Email

Outdoor Sign:  Shannon Johnstone (request sign listings here)

Outdoor Soccer: Amy Gates    306.565.2864     Email

City Liaison:
Loreen Anderson (306) 777-7322 is our City Liaison and does an excellent job helping us weave through the civic bureaucracy.

Grow Regina Liaison: Louise Arndt

Vacant Positions

Membership Coordinator: Organizes the volunteers for our four registration nights and Family Fun Day.

Special Projects Coordinator- The special projects coordinator handles all applications for community grants, as well as any projects that do not fall into anyone else’s roles. An example of this would be helping out with the planning of special events, such as our family fun day.

theparidigmshifter took this photo.  We like it a lot!