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Active Positions (2020-2021)


Chairperson:  Robert Hawkins  Email

Treasurer:  Mary Vetter    Email

Program Coordinator:  Chelsea Brown Email

Special Park Project Coordinator:   Mark Kress   Email

Outdoor Sign:  Lily and Bill Tingly (request sign listings here)

Outdoor Soccer Representative: 

City Liaison: Loreen Anderson

Grow Regina Liaison: Chelsea Brown

Member at Large: Aimee Penner-Mayoh

Member at Large: Lisa McDonald

South Zone Rec Board Rep and Pump Track Fundraising Lead: Terry Gates

Wanting to Volunteer?

  • If anyone has an interest in learning about the other currently filled positions, please let us know. We are always looking to mentor new people into these positions as well!

theparidigmshifter took this photo.  We like it a lot!