Next LCA Meeting is December 8

Our next LCA meeting is Monday December 8, 7PM at Lakeview School.    Some important topics will be discussed, debated and hopefully decided:

  • Preparing for January: Since we’re not doing a printed winter newsletter, how will we promote our winter programs and registration night?  And who will do this work?
  • Outdoor Ice Shack Supervision:  The appeal for volunteers has gone out.  Two mighty families have stepped up (yay!) and two more groups are trying to work something out.  How will we support them so their volunteer experience is the most fulfilling ever?
  • The LCA’s Future.  Mark has a few ideas about what the role of the LCA in the future, and even wrote some of these ideas down.  Will his vision be met with cheers, jeers or shocked silence?
  • And our fun regular features such as “Do we have money in the bank?”, “what’s going on at the City?”, “How are our programs doing?” and “what happened at the South Zone Rec Board?”

Please come out and meet with us.  We don’t bite, and have extra chairs available.

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