February Posting Marathon Begins!

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 I spent an hour going through my inbox yesterday and found that I am sixteen posts behind in sharing important and interesting community information with you all.  How did that happen?

  • Did the warm weather and thoughts of spring wake up all the community minded people in Lakeview?  Perhaps, since emails into the LCA are way up this month.
  • Did the fact that I was never home all month contribute to an email backlog?  That’s part of it too.  I’m approaching 1500km on the car in January and that’s dominated by soccer and hockey tournaments.  Not much chance to post.
  • I think the main reason is that there is a LOT to see and do in Lakeview!  More than one person can keep up with.  But I’m keen to try!

So, expect much more frequent posting over the next few days as I get caught back up.   Feel free to contact us if you have more information to share.  I don’t mind adding to the list!


And remember, there’s no need to ‘check back often’ to find the new stuff.  If you subscribe to email updates, the updates come to you!

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