Four Ideas on Curbing Park Vandalism

I’m happy to report that last night’s post on the vandalism problems in Kinsmen Park South is already getting shared around the neighbourhood.  I received a thoughtful email from a neighbour with four ideas on how, together, we could improve things.  Here they are:

  1. Regular Nighttime Watering:  Would timed watering (say, at night, on weekends) help reduce the amount of late-night park activity?
  2. Signage in the park on who to contact.  It’s easiest to report a problem immediately, so what can we do to make it easier to report problems?
  3. Posters / Education sessions in the schools.
  4. Flyers / Awareness for homeowners surrounding the park on what to watch for and who to call.

Good ideas!  Any others?  Leave them in the comments, drop us an email or come on out to our November meeting at 7PM on Monday, November 10 at Lakeview School (in the library.) Together, perhaps we can get a couple of these ideas actioned in time for next summer.

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