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We don’t run a ton of recreational programs over the fall and winter, but the programs we do run are quite popular.  Our Learn to Skate, Mini Mites Hockey and Power Skating programs get our kids active and on the ice and our fitness classes and indoor power cycling classes help the grown ups keep pace with the kids.  

These programs exist for three main reasons.  First and foremost, it’s because people in the community enjoy the programs.  If we didn’t have people attend, we simply wouldn’t offer them.

Second, it’s because we have great instructors who design and deliver the programs.  If we didn’t have Sherry Thompson running Learn to Skate year after year, or Rhonda Collins setting exercise routines and keeping us inspired, there would be no programs either.

But there’s a third and equally important point to this, and it’s the LCA Program Coordinator.  That’s the person who books the venues, works with the program delivery folk to set dates, writes up the announcements for the newsletters and websites, and generally oversees the programs to make sure the instructors are happy and the programs are meeting the needs of the community.

The Program Coordinator is very important role — with a good coordinator, everything runs like clockwork and everyone is happy.  Without a coordinator, phones start ringing as people are locked out of schools, confused about dates, or unsure of what the program is all about.

James Holtom has been running LCA Programs for the past couple years, even after moving to Lang, Saskatchewan a year ago.  He’s finally stepping down to focus on his new town and the LCA is looking for a someone (or a team) to step forward and fill in this important gap.

If you think community based recreational programs are important, and make the fall and winter season more enjoyable, then now is the time to step forward!  Please email and let your name stand.  We’ll be reviewing all applicants in April and May as we form our executive team for the next year.

Don’t wait!  Email now!

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