Give A Hoot- Stomp Out Graffiti*

We at the Lakeview Community Association believe that we are fortunate to live in such a lovely and well kept neighbourhood. Unfortunately, some people (mainly kids with nothing better to do) don’t see it that way, and take to the streets armed with cans of spray paint to damage private and public property. This winter, our community sign at Hill Ave. and Montague Street was tagged, and it caused a great inconvience to Marci, our “sign lady” who had organize the sign to be cleaned up. Recently the city has advised us on what needs to be done if you notice graffiti in our neighbourhood.

Record. Take a photo of the graffiti. This helps the Regina Police Service investigate and find repeat graffiti offenders.

Report. Report all graffiti incidents by calling the Regina Police Service at 777-6500. The police will provide you with information on how to submit information as well as a photo. This can also be done online. 

Remove. This is the most important part to keep our neighbourhood looking “ship-shape.” Be sure to remove graffiti as soon as possible, as a quick response has also been shown to prevent graffiti from reoccuring.


Follow these steps and help keep Lakeview the best looking neighbourhood in Regina!


*if this tagline sounds familiar, it is because it is stolen from a newspaper cover which appeared on the Corner Gas episode “Grad 68.”