Got Singing Chops? Here’s Your Chance!


The Regina Symphony Orchestra is helping fill the void left behind by the end of Canadian Idol and doing some fundraising at the same time.  The RSO Singing Star competition is your chance to strut your stuff in front of an audience and win a chance to perform on the big stage accompanied by the entire Regina Symphony Orchestra!

Auditions will be held at Centre Court of the Cornwall Centre in Regina on Saturday February 7.  You need to register for auditions no later than 4PM Thursday, February 5.  Go to the RSO website for registration information.   There is a fee to audition, but admission is free to view the auditions at the Cornwall Centre .

Successful singers will compete in front of a live audience at the Finale on Thursday March 12 at the Casino Regina Show Lounge.  Tickets are available from the RSO to watch the finale.

So come on you shower singers – show us your chops and sign up!

Cat got your tongue?  Then go watch the finale.  Call 791-6395 for ticket information.

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Photos by  magandafille and TigerPuppala

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