Great Visit at Argyle Elementary School


I had the great pleasure to meet with the School Community Council at Argyle Elementary School tonight.  This small but hard working crew have a lot of history in community service and education — in addition to the hard work that every SCC does for their kids, the table was surrounded by former LCA volunteers, parents who helped plant trees and lift heavy objects in Kinsmen Park South and both my high school English teacher AND my son’s kindergarten teacher.  My friends, that’s why I love living in this neighbourhood.  Deep roots, indeed.

I was invited to discuss shack supervision at the outdoor ice rink on McCallum St. and Montague.  We’re looking for volunteers to perform shack supervision there this winter.  The LCA offers a $2000 honorarium for this work, of which the City funds $500.  We’re hoping to find a group to do this for the coming winter and are spreading the word amongst the local schools.

But my hidden purpose (well, hidden for 30 seconds) was to spread the idea of a ‘new’ LCA — one that meets the current needs of the community in new and innovative ways.  I promoted the idea of using this website to help spread the word of the great things Argyle and other schools in the community are doing.  So hopefully we’ll have more school news on this site in the coming weeks.

A great thank you to new Argyle SCC Chair (and LCA alumnus) Tanya McLeod, Mrs. Bayda, Ms. Hubbs, Ms. Shalley and all the other Argyle SCC members!

We’d love to meet with YOUR community group.  Let us know where and when in the comments!

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