Happy Family Literacy Day!



This coming Tuesday, January 27, is Family Literacy Day which promotes the importance of reading and learning together as a family all year round.  

Every year on January 27 families, schools, libraries and community groups across Canada organize events to promote reading and literacy.  The parents and teachers at Athabasca School take it a bit further every year, holding their annual Reading Week event.  All week long the school is abuzz with guest authors, celebrities and performers working in the classroom and with small groups to explore the wide range of activities that depend on literacy.

This year, events include a Poetry Slam on Monday night and the annual Books For Breakfast event on Thursday morning.   The Athabasca Reading Week is one of the major highlights of the school year and is eagerly anticipated by the students and staff.

But don’t wait for your school to pull something together, or even for your child to be school aged!  According to the ABC Canada website, children who are 2 or 3 years of age and are read to several times per day do significantly better in kindergarten.  So head to the library, check out some books and read to your child!

A Question For You:  What are you doing to celebrate Family Literacy Day this year?  Let us know in the comments!

photos by swan-t and paulhami

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