Have You Seen the City Guide?

The LCA Newsletter is somewhere between our newsletter editor and printer, but in the meantime, there’s some good information in the City of Regina Fall Program Guide. Not only can you find out about all the great LCA programs, but there are one or two other programs in there too (several hundred I’ll bet.) We’ll teach you how to skate, or get you really fit, but if you’d rather cook, dance or knit, I’ll bet you can find a class just for you in the guide.

If there’s a community program you like in there, come register at the LCA Registration Night, no matter which Community Association runs the program. We’ll get your registration to the right people. Cool, eh? Just another nifty volunteer service by your LCA (Have I mentioned lately we need volunteers?)

I read the guide and learned that the LCA is running some Family Fitness programs this year. Cool! I’ll try to get more information about the classes as I learn about them. For now though, I’m off to pick up some workout clothes! Spandex is still ‘in’, right?

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