Important Community Meeting on Public School Renewal on February 11


Well that’s as informative a headline as I can write. Here’s a meeting that should be of interest to everyone in the Lakeview community who have an interest in public education.

The Regina Public School Board is inviting everyone who is involved with Argyle, Athabasca and Lakeview schools to participate in the planning of a redesigned school facility in the neighbourhood. You can have a say about what your neighbourhood and school community will look like in the future.

Here’s the details:

Come and See what great education can look like!

Wednesday, February 11
7PM – 9PM

Regina Public Schools
1600 4th Avenue (park in the back)
Ron Mitchell Room

The meeting will be led by Fielding Nair International, internationally renowned school designers and architects. I had the opportunity to see one of their presentations last June and was very impressed by their ideas around how school design can enhance the way children learn in the 21st century.

If you need more information, please call your local public school directly.  That’s Athabasca (791-8544), Argyle (791-8536) and Lakeview (791-8513)

This process is really important to those of you who have kids in school now or will in the future, as well as those of you who use school facilities for community work. Please make every effort to attend!

PS.  Here’s a photo credit worthy of the main post.  The photo  above is from the Fielding Nair International website.  It’s an actual planning session for a school in Minnesota. The photoset includes the actual facility the group designed.   Their website is fantastic and well worth checking out!

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