The Saskatchewan Safety Council’s completely FREE 6-hour Mature Driver Refresher Course is strictly informational and offered in a positive, open class environment. Available for anyone over the age of 55 in Saskatchewan.

Participant driver’s licenses are not affected and there are no required examinations.

The Mature Driver Refresher Course helps reinforce safe driving habits. It will increase your confidence when navigating Saskatchewan’s increasing city, town, and highway traffic. It provides insight into how to adapt your driving habits based on the physical changes your body goes through as it matures.

Some of the topics discussed in the course are:

  • Normal driving situations such as intersections, following distance, and maintaining an open “gate” around your vehicle
  • Hazardous driving environments such as skids, head-on collisions, hydroplaning, and how to protect yourself while driving
  • Traffic guidance such as sign recognition and pavement markings
  • Review of safety devices such as seat belts and airbags
  • Medication awareness, vision, and effective use of your eyes

Class Details:

  • Check back in fall 2023 for dates

For more info call 306-502-0737 or email