Introducing: The Lakeview Planning Committee

Earlier in the year, the Lakeview Community Association was approached by a group of citizens who had some concerns about development in the neighbourhood. Following several other presentations, the Lakeview Community Association agreed to form a new sub-commity to help adress these issues. The following information was prepared by the Lakeview Planning Committee and will help explain exactly who they are and what they are about. Soon, I will create a seperate page on this website for the planning committee where I will post more news as it develops. 

Lakeview Community Association Planning Committee is a new sub-committee of the Lakeview Community Association. The committee was formalized in March 2012 following presentations to the Community Association Executive by a group of concerned Lakeview residents.

Why have a Planning Committee? The planning committee formed in response to the increased development in the Lakeview area. Lakeview is a community in transition and, while the committee thinks that development and change are good for the community, we want to ensure that the elements making Lakeview a successful and desirable community are preserved.

What are those elements? Lakeview Community is a perfect example of what is now described as New Urbanism Development, the goal of many new communities today. Our community provides a variety of services required for daily living, all of which are easily accessible without having to leave the community. It is a walkable community with beautifully treed sidewalks, recreation spaces, green spaces and immediate access to an extensive pathway system and other city parks. These elements, along with the existing housing that provides “eyes on the street,” help to foster a sense of belonging, reinforced by the interaction with neighbours and residents.

So what is the committee concerned about? The committee is concerned about development and housing density and the impacts on the urban environment (parking, loss of green space, traffic, infrastructure etc.) and changes to the overall streetscape and character of the community. The committee sees our neighbourhood evolving and wants to be sure that future development takes into consideration such concerns as structure size, height, existing trees, drainage, and impacts to areas adjacent to the development.

What is Planning Committee is NOT!

  • The Planning Committee is NOT just for “Old Lakeview”, it serves the entire community
  • The committee is NOT here to settle disputes between neighbours but we will try to direct you to the appropriate department at city hall.
  • The committee is NOT trying to control the style of house someone builds

What is the committee working on? 

  • We are working towards a better understanding of the limitations and allowances for development in the area: what opportunities are available now under city bylaws and planning, and hoping to coordinate with civic authorities to develop and implement potential changes or amendments to the existing regulations affecting the area and growth
  • Meeting with City Hall representatives with the goal of participating in the planning department approval process, providing resident input and support to approved developments.
  • The Committee wants to be pro-active and start engaging community members and City Hall in a conversation about what is good for our community. The Committee wants to participate in the Design Regina process and develop a community plan for Lakeview that facilitates positive development while maintaining the specific character of Lakeview.
  • The Committee is developing a  list of contact information so that community members with specific development, planning or bylaw questions can be directed to the appropriate resources at City Hall.


How will Lakeview Residents participate? The committee will be at various Community Association events in the coming year and ready to answer questions and take your suggestions. The committee will post updates on the Lakeview Community Association Website and can be reached by e-mail: