Lakeview- “Where all the Expensive Houses are Being Built”


I love reading about Regina history. Sure It’s a little nerdy, but it is a guilty pleasure of mine, and since many of you know me only by my first name I have no problem admitting it out here on the interwebs. Anyways, I was flipping through an old Regina history book and found a neat advertisement from when our neighbourhood was being established. If there is anything I like more than Regina history it is Lakeview history. The ad was sort of neat, and I thought it was definately worth posting here for all to see. In case you are having a hard time seeing the image, here are the reasons that you should build in Lakeview, circa 1914:

  • Lakeview is just across the street from the parliament buildings.
  • Lakeview is the highest property in the city of Regina.
  • Lakeview is where all the expensive homes are being built.
  • Lakeview is an absolute sure proposition.
  • The city of Regina is building in the direction of Lakeview- it is the only natural direction in which the city can grow!

Other ammenities of building in lakeview, besides being able to live next door to people with loads of cash, included the fact that streetcar service was to run to Lakeview as well as the fact that Albert Street was about to be paved- all the way to 21st Avenue! With lots starting at only $100, you truly could not afford to be without some Lakeview property!