Will You Be The Next LCA Volunteer? Please?


While we’re trying to hold onto summer for as long as possible, some of the small but vital LCA crew have been getting geared up for fall. I’ve been plugging along on the web site, getting pages up for all our fall programs (more to come!) and the upcoming registration night, others are winding things up from another excellent spring soccer season, and still others are putting the final touches on our fall newsletter (coming to your mailbox at the end of August!)

I need to admit it though, we’re getting a little nervous. We’ve got some pretty important volunteer positions to renew due to retirements and people moving away. Our #1 need right now is a Treasurer. At this point I’m not sure whether we can even muddle along without one. It’s a really big deal. We’re talking about 5 hours per month commitment — our bank is close by and we’ll help get you started. Contact us if you can help.

If numbers aren’t your thing, how about room design? Talking to people? Writing things? Taking pictures? There’s lots of cool opportunities to meet people and add your talents to the team. Check here for some ideas about our full basket of volunteer opportunities.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

There is some good news coming though! We’re very close to announcing a new Outdoor Sign Coordinator. Yay! Hopefully we’ll announce in the next couple of days and you will soon be entertained and informed when you head off to Lakeview Fine Foods or Mark’s Mini Tune for some chips and gas.

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