What Have We Been Up To: The LCA 2008 Annual Report


Back in the day, Annual General Meetings were long affairs.  Each executive member and committee chair would stand and read a report which described everything they did over the past year.

Four years ago, we decided to compile an Annual Report document which contained all the reports, so people could review them at home (hopefully with a nice drink and a comfortable chair) and use them as reference.  The report part of the meeting went quicker so we had time to talk about the future while still reflecting on the past.

Now let’s be honest — most of us don’t keep an LCA reference file with past reports (maybe I do, but I’m special that way.)  If we’re really honest, most of us read it once and chuck it out.  But not this year.  Oh, no indeed.

This year, the LCA Annual Report is available in a new fangled E-lec-tronic form!  All you need to do is click the link below and the report will appear right on your computer screen.  Enjoy the reports at home with no paper wastage!  Come back again and again to see what we did!  Come back next year to see if our forward looking statements came true!  Find hidden clues for the coming years contests! It’s all in the report, and the report is right here…


Special thanks to our Secretary Patti Chesters for compiling the report and all the executive members for writing their reports.

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