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If you are reading this post, I know that you are a loving, caring person who cares deeply about your neighbourhood and the people in it.  You want the best for your family and your community.    But are you taking the time to care for yourself as well?

Do you find yourself a little short of breath when you rush off to your PTA meeting?  Are you a wee bit uncomfortable in those jeans while watching your child’s hockey game?  Or maybe you’re  mite bloated after finishing off the shortbread (to wash the container of course)?  Well, LCA winter fitness classes might just be what you need to start feeling good again!

Our certified fitness instructor Rhonda is once again offering two classes on Wednesday nights at Lakeview School.  The Boxercise class helps you get fit while doing more punching, kicking and skipping rope than a Chuck Norris infomercial.  The Core and Strength Training class uses light weights to help you dig deep and find your long lost abs, biceps and triceps.

Due to popular demand from the fall participants, we’re extending the winter classes to eight (8) weeks, so you’ll be able to stay fit right through the end of winter.

The classes are a lot of fun and they vary to meet your specific pace.  I attended the fall boxercise session with my wife and daughter (11) and it was a great time.   My daughter improved her strength and endurance for hockey and now I  DOMINATE at Wii boxing!

We’ll be there in the winter.  Come join us!

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