Lend Us Your Green Thumb: LCA Gardening Program



Maybe it’s the spring-like weather we’re having, or maybe it’s Mrs. Arndt’s year round passion for planting, but we’ve been talking a lot about gardening this winter.

We’re contemplating starting a Lakeview gardening program or gardeners’ group this spring.  At this point we are just putting together some ideas for what this program could entail.  First thoughts are that we could arrange for an occasional speaker on topics of interest, such as Introduction to Vegetables, Pruning Trees, Saving Seeds, etc.   Other ideas may include garden tours, casual meetings, whatever – the possibilities are endless.

Ideally it would be great to get things up and running before the spring 2010 planting season.  If you have any ideas for this program, would like to organize this program, or would like to be involved in any way, please contact Amy Mader by email at amy@lcaregina.ca or phone 565-2864.

If there is interest and a leader emerges, then we can launch a new program before the snow melts!

Photo Credit:  Grow Regina

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