LCA Meeting Date Change and even More Corrections



Perhaps it was the late summer warm snap that caused it.  Or maybe the rush to enjoying time off before school started.  All I know is that the last couple LCA posts have been rife with half truths and misunderstandings.  So here’s a post to correct that which needs correcting, along with some Brand New News!

Prairie Artist Guild / Art Gallery of Regina Fundraisers

It’s increasingly apparent that, at best, I am an Arts Community wannabe.  Case in point:  last week I reported that the Prairie Artists Guild was holding two events on the same day at different parts of the city.  How was that ever going to work?  Beats me, but I didn’t think to check it until Bonnie McBride pointed out my erroneous reportage.  So here’s the truth:

The Prairie Artists Guild Fall Show and Sale is October 16-18 at West Harvest Inn

The Art Gallery of ReginaFeast For the Eyes” event is October 17 somewhere around the Neil Balkwill Centre on Elphinstone.

LCA September Meeting is Actually in August

We’re moving our September meeting up two weeks to Monday, August 31 at 7PM, at Mark’s house.  We’re deviating from our usual ‘Second Monday’ in order to get prepared for Fall Registration Night which actually comes before ‘Second Monday.’

That’s right, Second Tuesday comes before Second Monday — now how was I supposed to figure that one out?  It makes my head hurt to ponder this arbitrary ‘calendar’ system that the government has imposed on us.  At least I think the government’s to blame.  Or maybe it was those guys behind the DaVinci Code.  Am I the only guy who found that show to be confusing?  I mean, how did they end up in Scotland?

So, to recap.  The September meeting is in August.  August 31, 7PM at Mark’s house.  Email Mark directly for directions if you want to attend — we’d still love to have you visit!

Second Annual Stay Home and Snuggle Day

Talk about blowing a deadline!  I was all geared up to promote Stay Home and Snuggle Day again this year but completely forgot about it until the day itself.  Hope you all stayed home and celebrated the fact that the kids are back in school once again.

If you did celebrate Regina’s newest holiday, let us know in the comments below.  You don’t have to go into huge detail or anything, but we’d love to know that this Day for Parents is taking off.

Did you get our Fall Newsletter?

I did!  It’s a lovely yellowy newsletter tucked in the fold of the current Sunday Sun.  I believe the printers call it ‘goldenrod’ but I might be mistaken.  Six pages of community informationy goodness in easy to carry paper format!

Special thanks to our newsletter editor Jessica for working all summer to pull this together.

Now, if you got the Sunday Sun but there was no lovely LCA Newsletter inside, or if you didn’t get the Sunday Sun at all, please let us know.  We’re going to post the newsletter on the website soon but we can also email you a copy too.

Photo Credit: Shira Golding

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