LCA Member Receives Prestigious Award

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The LCA is proud to announce that our treasurer, Amy Mader was the recipient of one of the South Zone Recreation Board’s Volunteer of the year awards! Amy joined the LCA back when we were in dark times. The association was in a bit of a transition period, and had many vacant spots open on our executive. This in turn made Amy a jack-of-all-trades, as she learned most of the responsibilities of other positions. This came in handy when the LCA started growing in members this past year. Amy (who is a seasoned LCA veteran with four years under her belt) was able to give guidance to  new members including Bob and Carrie, our chairspeople.

Amy was honoured at a swanky reception in the multi-purpose room at the West Harvest Inn. It was buffet fare with a cash bar and there was a jazz musician to entertain. Celebrity guest Gerry Fincati, of the South Zone Recreation Board hosted the event and members of all four south end community associations were in attendance that evening. Amy was more then happy to accept an award for all of her hard work but in her true selfless fashion, spent more time acknowleding the hard work of other LCA members during her speech then recognizing the work she does herself. Unfortunately a certain website editor forgot to bring his camera, so a photo of Amy accepting the award is not availible. However, I have posted the above internet photo which is pretty close to what Amy accepting the award looked like.

Amy, the Lakeview Community Association is ever so thankful for all of the hard work that you do for us. We truly would be lost without you.