LCA Program Coordinator Found; First Full Board of the Century!



I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Stacey Gattinger has agreed to join the Lakeview Community Association as our new Program Coordinator.  Stacey is recently moved back to Regina from Ontario and we’re darned glad she decided to settle in Lakeview.  She’s already got some recreational programming experience and ton of energy to bring to the job.

The program coordinator is one of the most important roles on the LCA executive.  Stacey will be making sure our existing programs run smoothly by staying in contact with our instructors and individual program leaders.  She’ll also be looking out for new programs to run where there are needs in the community that aren’t being met.

With Stacey’s appointment, the LCA once again has a full executive.  And not only a full executive, but an executive that isn’t doubling up on roles or doubling up on family members.  It’s been at least 8 and possibly 10 years since this has been the case.  I couldn’t be happier.

That being said, we still need more volunteers.

  • Photographers, writers, videographers.
  • People who want to fix something.
  • People who want to build something.
  • People who see a need and want to fill it.
  • People who want to share their story, or share the stories of others.
  • People who want to connect with local schools, churches and businesses.
  • People who want to connect with their neighbours, whether they be next door, across the street or a couple blocks over.

Your community association has a great mix of youth and experience, experts and people learning new skills, and a huge amount of energy.  Just like the community we serve.   We’re ready to help you get your project moving.

I can’t wait for fall when we kick off another year!

Photo by caruba

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