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This website has been one of the neat additions to the LCA lineup over the past year.  We launched the site with the objective of sharing everything we know about the community, so you know what’s going on and what needs your attention.

So far, the sites been a big success.  We’re getting lots of subscribers, and people are coming to us with ideas for articles.   Once in a while we even get an email telling us you like informal tone of the place — that makes us very happy indeed.

We’ve discovered a flaw though — it’s becoming clear that I’m a bottleneck.  There’s much more going on in Lakeview than I can get posted on the site.   To fix that, we’re looking for volunteers to write and post articles to the website.

If you like writing, we can teach you how to post on the site (it’s easy!)

If you like telling people things, and always wanted to try writing, we can help get you writing, and then teach you how to post.

As Friend of Lakeview Lily Tingley likes to say  “many hands make light work.”  If we can get two or three energetic editors lined up, we can get back to posting twice a week and keeping you in the know.

Interested?  Curious but a little nervous?  Don’t worry.  Fire off an email and we can talk about it!

Photo by Sancho Papa

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