New Years Resolution: Get Smarter, Help Schools



Part of the fun of celebrating a New Year is making resolutions. As I get older, it’s almost time to resolve to exercise my brain from time to time. Volunteering for the LCA does wonders for keeping the mind sharp, but I can still use an extra boost from time to time.

That’s why I was excited to learn about an event put on by the kids at Deshaye Catholic School. These young whippersnappers have thrown down the gauntlet and are challenging adults to a think-off and raising money at the same time!

R U Smarter than a Deshaye Catholic Student

Thursday, January 29th @ 7 p.m.

Miller High School

They’ve got the panel set to battle with the students.  Local celebrities like Gail Bowen, Carol Gay Bell, Jill Morgan, Greg Morgan, Mike Maurer, Mayor Pat Fiacco, Marty Klyne, Teale Orban, Police Chief Troy Hagen and a Saskatchewan Roughrider Surprise Guest will be participating.

Tickets to watch this monumental clash between the text-ers and the slide rules are only $15.00 for a family or $5 for an individual.  I think that means a 4 person family gets a deal, but I’m not sure.  5 gozinta 15, right?

You can get your tickets by emailing

I don’t think the grownups will stand much of a chance against the well drilled recruits from Deshaye, but don’t take my word for it.  Come out and watch!  I’ll bet you can do much better sitting in the audience anyway.  Yep.  Sure you can. …  What was the question again?

Gillicious took the big picture; The Wide Wide World the thumbnail.

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