November LCA Meeting: Re-discovering Mark’s Rules of Order

The next LCA Executive Meeting is Monday, November 10 at 7PM in the Lakeview School library.

It’s the first official meeting of our new board, and I get to chair it. That should be interesting as I’ve misplaced my Robert’s Rules of Order booklet so will be working from memory this month. So there’s never been a better time to come to a meeting and make some outlandish motions. Want Wascana Creek moved a little to the left? Want to dome the outdoor rink on Montague St? Now’s your chance!

There are two or three real items to discuss too, like whether to do a paper newsletter this winter, determine how to coordinate outdoor ice supervision, and plan out our visits to local school community councils over the winter. Over the next few months we’ll be setting the future direction for the LCA, so please come out and make your voice heard. We need your ideas!

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