One World Cafe: Concert and Peace Connect, April 2

Robert White sent us an email today about an event he’s organizing on Friday, April 2 at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre. It’s a free concert and ‘Peace Connect’ and here are the details:

One World Café
Concert & “Peace Connect”
Friday, April 2: 7 PM -10.30 PM
Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre (2900-13th Ave)

All welcome- Free Admission
Donation bin for Food Bank -if can contribute

The event is in two parts:

The Concert: Martin Kerr, British singer-songwriter & Canadian Idol finalist, offering intelligent, soulful music. He developed a global perspective while traveling to 30 countries as a street performer. He has released three albums.

A Short Talk: Dr. W. Andy Knight, co-author of Building Sustainable Peace, and, just released, Global Politics: Emerging Networks, Trends, and Challenges. He is chair of the Department of Political Science at the U. of Alberta and is involved in peace and development issues through the U.N., the World Economic Forum and other agencies. He is a sought after speaker in the fields of peacebuilding, terrorism and children and war and is the 2010 recipient of the Harry Jerome Trailblazer award. (Jerome is a Black Canadian sports hero, originally from Prince Albert.)

“One question guides all of my research on international relations and conflict”, said Knight. “How can we stand idly by and watch people suffer around the globe? The norm on responsibility to protect is evolving and must so in our interdependent world.”

Both are in Regina for a weekend “school” that focuses on “creating a culture of peace.”* In this vein, the “peace café” or “world café” model for the evening offers the general public a chance to access their gifts in a thoughtful, yet relaxed atmosphere. The goal is fostering community connection and interest in global issues by providing an open space for people of all faiths.

For more information call 306-270-2385 or “Peace Connections Cafe” on Facebook.

*“Building Sustainable Peace,” April 2-4, sponsored by the Bahá’í Schools Committee-SK.

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