Our AGM is Monday, October 17th!

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Every October, the LCA holds its famous Annual General Meeting. This year, the meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 22 , 7:00 PM at Lakeview School. This is a great opportunity to come and find out about all of the things we have been up to over the past year, and also meet the people who run the programs in your community. If you are thinking “Oh, great a long and  boring meeting full of snobby executive board members” you could not be more wrong. Our meetings are informal and are full of fun and friendly community-minded people. We also probably hold a world record for “fastest annual general meeting.” Bring your friends, bring your neighbours, bring anyone who has an idea they would like to share! Also, For only $5 you can purchase a membership and are eligible to vote for stuff. Will refreshments be provided? Come and find out!

photo by sunergos on flickr