Our Community Garden Needs Your Help!


The volunteers at the Yara-Grow Regina community gardens need your help in bringing an excellent new addition to the gardens on Queen Street.  They are trying to get $10,000 in funding from the Aviva Community Fund so they can build an accessible garden on the Queen Street site. But they need your help to make it happen.

The funding will come if they win a competition.

The Aviva Community Fund is a charity that’s part of the Aviva insurance company.  They are using a community voting system to determine which ideas from across Canada will make it to the semi-finals.

Voting is easy!

You can support the project in three easy steps:

1.  Click this link to find the Creating an Accessible Garden project on the Aviva site. [for reference, it’s also project # acf2121 ]

2.  Click the big blue VOTE NOW button on the right side of the screen.

3.  You’ll be taken to a registration screen where you can register with the site.  Then your vote is cast!

They need your vote.  And your friend’s vote.   And their friend’s vote.

Based on a quick look at the contest, this looks like a popularity contest to determine who makes it to the semi finals.  So please forward this email on to all your friends.

[shameless plug — if you received this from a friend, Hello!  Please vote, then sign up for great community news from the Regina Lakeview Community Association, delivered right to your email inbox.  Our free updates will improve the quality of your life or your money back :-)]

Tomorrow, they need your vote again

One thing I noticed when I voted is that I was invited back tomorrow to vote again.  Not sure why they do it like that, but who am I to judge?  You can’t fix the civic election results tomorrow, but you can stuff this ballot box — vote, vote and vote again!

Hurry!  There’s a deadline, and it’s November 1st!

Not a lot of notice here, so please forward this on, vote, and forward to even more people.

Accessible Gardens are a Very Good Thing

Community gardens are awesome.  They’re good for the planet, our bellies and the community at large.  It’s a perfect setting to meet the neighbours and connect with each other.

Having an accessible garden means that people with disabilities can be part of this.  Grow Regina has a plan for putting this garden in with the other plots, so everyone can mingle and visit with each other.  There will be raised beds, drip irrigation, an accessible storage shed and lots of other cool amenities.    So if you haven’t voted yet, get a move on!  VOTE!

Photo is from the Grow Regina site

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