Outdoor Hockey League Registration is Monday!

Registration for the WPCA Outdoor Hockey League is Monday, November 17 at 7PM at the Balfour Arena meeting room (70 Massey Road.)  The program is run by the Whitmore Park Community Association and is open to kids of all abilities aged 6-12.

The league runs from mid December to the end of February and is an extremely affordable $40.

For more information, call Patrick at 584-1218 or by email

The Outdoor Hockey League is very popular and I’m super thrilled to finally know who’s running it!  We get at least 4 inquiries per year from graduates of our Mini Mite hockey program, looking for more information about the league.  Luckily I ran into Patrick last week (at the rink of course) and discovered that he’s running the program.  Patrick’s an awesome guy — if your child is interested in giving hockey a try, here’s a great way to get started without a huge time and money commitment!

Photo by GP (MPK)

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