Outdoor Ice Skating Begins December 12

Saturday December 12 is the official start of the 10 week Outdoor Skating season.   City workers are starting to get the ice surfaces in shape and if the weather cooperates we’ll be rolling by the weekend.

Once again we’re thankful for the dedication of our ice shack supervisors — without them we’d be unable to keep the shacks open and your toes warm(ish):

  • The Pringle family continues a long tradition of opening and closing the shack at the Robinson St. / Assiniboine Avenue rink.  Thank you!
  • The parents of St. Pius school, led by Jill Thomson, are handling shack supervision for the ‘Lakeview’ rink on McCallum Avenue and Montague Street.  Thank you!

I’m still in shock that it got cold so quickly this week, but now that the snow is here, sharpen your skates and get outside!

Photo by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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