Outdoor Skating (sort of ) Starts Today!


December 15 is the official start of the 10 week Outdoor Skating season.   The ice is ready to go, but now we are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before we open the shacks.   The shelters do not open when the outside temperature is colder than -25C (including wind chill) or warmer than +5C.

Our appeal for shack supervisors received an excellent response from people in the community.  Thank You to everyone who offered up a day per week, or a day here and there, to supervise the shack.   In the end, two groups will be doing the majority of the supervision:

  • The Pringle family continues a long tradition of opening and closing the shack at the Robinson St. / Assiniboine Avenue rink.  Thank you!
  • The parents of St. Pius school, led by Jill Thomson, are handling shack supervision for the ‘Lakeview’ rink on McCallum Avenue and Montague Street.  Thank you!

We’re still looking for a volunteer coordinator to handle the logistics for the shack supervision program — filling in city grant applications, distributing keys and recruiting supervisors like the Pringles and Jill.   We’ll be pulling an information package together shortly to share with interested volunteers.

But for now, put your energy into getting some warmer weather and let’s get skating!

Photo by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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